Can You Mix Vodka and Tequila Liquor? (Quick Answer)

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Some of us love vodka, and others are partial to tequila, but what about those who might want to drink both without passing out? Can they be blended into a single drink?

Moreover, how much vodka and tequila can one actually drink before getting drunk? 

We’ll educate you on this matter and explain much more. The important thing is that you can definitely mix them together

Let’s see how.

Can You Drink Tequila and Vodka on the Same Night?

Many people swear by the perils of mixing different types of strong liquor on the same night, but there’s no evidence to support that it will be detrimental to your well-being.

If you drink both vodka and tequila in moderation, you won’t experience any negative side effects. However, drinking too much of them in one night may cause side effects — the key phrase is moderation

Additionally, due to the distinct types of alcohol used to make each of these beverages, combining tequila and vodka in large quantities will get you drunk faster. For example, if you drink four shots of tequila, you’d be less drunk than if you’ve had two shots of rum and two shots of tequila.

While there’s little scientific research to back up this claim, sometimes all you need is some common “people’s wisdom.” 

In a nutshell, it’s best if you don’t drink both vodka and tequila on the same night — that is — unless you have both in carefully made cocktails with the right proportions.

So, Can You Mix Vodka and Tequila Liquor? 

As we said, it’s safe to combine tequila and vodka to make a new beverage. Actually, it’s really common — so common that Red Eye Louie’s combined tequila and vodka to create the well-known alcoholic beverage known as Vodquila.

Even though this combo is acceptable, you’ll need high-quality tequila and vodka for the best cocktails. The budget-friendly Smirnoff Vodka and the rich and spicy Casa Noble Blanco tequila are great options. 

Poorly crafted tequila and vodka don’t pair well together since the tequila wouldn’t have its normal sweet and citrus flavors, while the vodka would leave a harsh aftertaste.

How to Mix Vodka and Tequila (and the Appropriate Mixing Ratio)?

When making vodka/tequila cocktails, you’ll likely need a shaker to fully blend the different spirits, regardless of what else you add. 

If you want to enjoy vodka and tequila on the rocks, then two units of each should be enough. If you aim for a cocktail, then we recommend trying the Mexi-tini cocktail

Take your shaker and add 1 ½ oz orange vodka, 1 ½ oz tequila, ½ oz orange juice, and an orange slice for garnish. 

After a few shakes, the citrusy flavor and the sass of the two alcohols will combine flawlessly. 

But don’t overshake — beverages that have been overshaken get diluted. Additionally, overshaking won’t get the drink to the desired temperature. 

After shaking, pour it into a tall glass and sip your drink.

Tequila vs Vodka: Which Alcohol Is Stronger?

People frequently assert that tequila is stronger and may cause a worse hangover than vodka, but oftentimes, that’s not the case. 

That’s because most tequilas and vodkas are bottled at an 80-proof level, indicating that both of them have the same quantity of alcohol. Tequila is only stronger than vodka when comparing, for example, a 90-proof tequila to an 80-proof version of vodka.

Overall, it’s not which one of them is stronger, but rather how much you drink and how fast, because that’s what causes your headache and hangover in the first place. 

Limit your intake to prevent any side effects. Additionally, stay hydrated throughout the night and eat only healthy foods after you reach home.

How Much Alcohol Will Get You Drunk?

In general, four to six shots of any liquor are enough to cause intoxication. Below we list all of the important factors that contribute to a person’s drunkenness. 

  • Older people may become intoxicated more quickly than those who are younger.
  • If you down multiple shots in quick succession, you’d get drunker than if you had spaced them out. 
  • Drinking on an empty stomach is a bad idea since there won’t be a “buffer,” and the alcohol will enter your system right away.
  • Someone who is physically smaller will not be able to handle as much alcohol as someone who is physically larger. 

How Much Tequila Will Get You Drunk?

Because of its high alcohol content by volume, or ABV, tequila may seem appealing if you want to get drunk quickly. So, for those wondering, three shots of tequila are all it takes to get drunk.

How so? Well, to be legally drunk in the United States, your blood alcohol concentration must be 0.08% or above. Hence, in order to reach this limit, an average male needs around five 1.5oz shots of tequila, whereas females need somewhat less than that — around three to four shots.

Again, these are averages that are heavily dependent on the factors we previously listed.

How Much Vodka & Tequila Mixture Will Get You Drunk?

If you mix two units of vodka and two units of tequila and serve it on the rocks, you’ll get a drink with 29.6% ABV. 

An average 198 lb male needs to drink around four rounds of this mixture in a period of two hours to start feeling somewhat tipsy. 

An average 170 lb female, on the other hand, needs to drink around three rounds of this mixture in a period of two hours to feel drunk. 

In situations where you’re drinking slower, you’ll be able to drink more and take longer to get drunk.


As we described, you can combine tequila and vodka, but we also hope that we answered whether you’d want to combine them in the first place. 

Overall, among other factors, one’s tolerance to alcohol depends much on how well they know themselves. Generally, an average male needs four drinks of a tequila and vodka mixture to get drunk, while females only need three. 

Because the vodka/tequila drink contains a lot of alcohol, you should drink slowly to avoid getting too drunk. Lastly, remember to eat something before you drink!

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