Beer Revolution is Now a Part of Drink Celebration is thrilled to announce the successful acquisition of, a pioneer in the beer brewing scene known for its commitment to innovation and diverse beer offerings.

This strategic acquisition brings together two forces passionate about celebrating the artistry of brewing and elevating the craft beer experience for consumers worldwide., a prominent online platform specializing in curated drinks information and recipes sees this acquisition as a pivotal step in expanding its portfolio and connecting with a broader audience of beer enthusiasts.

Beer Revolution, with its rich history of pushing boundaries in brewing techniques and flavor experimentation, aligns seamlessly with’s commitment to providing unique and high-quality beer information and recipes. The union of these two entities is poised to create an unparalleled synergy that will redefine the way consumers discover and enjoy craft beers.

As part of the acquisition, plans to introduce exclusive beer guides & recipes curated by industry experts. The goal is to provide consumers with an immersive and diverse beer information at their fingertips.

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