About Us

Welcome to Drink Celebration. Hi, I’m Abbey and I love the world of drinks and everything they have to offer. Whether cocktails, or beer, wine, whiskeys, rums, and everything else under the sun. Drinks can make our occasions brighter, our nights more relaxing, and our celebrations grander.

This website is dedicated to providing delicious insights into making your drinks more enjoyable. And plugging into to a lot of helpful or creative information to explore options you never before considered.

I grew up in a family that had a strong appreciation for robust beers and flavorful wines. Mostly favored by my Father and Mother, in that order. They both also enjoyed sipping Scotch whiskey at the end of meals or on special occasions, savoring the nuances of the creations from different distilliries.

This is why it may not come as a surprise to you that I studied Hospitality Management at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas and I now have an exciting career on the world-famous Las Vegas Strip!

Thank you for visiting my site and I invite you to bookmark me and visit often as my Team and I continue to bring you the best in the world of drinks. It truly is a Drink Celebration — cheers!