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Texas culture isn’t just about cowboys and barbecue; it’s also a paradise for beer fans. The Lone Star state is home to the best craft breweries in the nation, known for its rich brewing heritage and diverse beer styles.

In recent years, Texas has built up a reputation as the home to some of the most authentic beers in the world. Thanks to their skillful craft, unique ingredients, and modern twists, we now have diverse options to choose from. Let’s explore the best Texas beer and talk about the country’s hidden gems together!

Best Texas Beer

12 Best Texas Beers

  • Saint Arnold Endeavour – Saint Arnold Brewery
  • Atrial Rubicite – Jester King Brewery
  • Blood and Honey – Revolver Brewery
  • Lone Star Original – Lone Star Brewery
  • Lakewood Temptress – Lakewood Brewery
  • Yellow Rose – Lone Pint Brewery
  • Electric Jellyfish – Pinthouse Brewery
  • Dallas Blonde –  Deep Ellum Brewery
  • Power & Light Pale – Independence Brewery
  • Shiner Beer – Shiner Bock Spoetzl Brewery
  • DDH Johnny Karate – Turning Point Brewery
  • Axis IPA – Real Ale Brewery

1. Saint Arnold Endeavour

Saint Arnold Endeavour

Alcohol content: 4.4% ABV, Calories: 150

Have you ever tasted a beer so unique it completely reshapes your idea of what a perfect brew can be? That’s the Saint Arnold Endeavour, brewed by Saint Arnold Brewing Company in Houston, Texas. This Texas favorite is made from double IPA, which means more hops and malt, leading to a stronger taste.

The best beer in Texas starts off with a floral aroma of pine and citrus, followed by a toasted malt. The extra hops pitch in for more bitterness, offering a crisp and clean finish. The double IPA’s strong flavors aren’t for the faint-hearted, but true beer enthusiasts will certainly love it.

2. Atrial Rubicite

Atrial Rubicite

Alcohol content: 5.8% ABV, Calories: 174

The Atrial Rubicite beer originates from the always-in-demand Jester King Brewery in Austin, Texas. This distinctive brew was created through spontaneous fermentation, which was just as risky as it sounds. However, the technique paid off, making the Jester King lagers among the most popular Texas beers ever.

What makes this beer stand out is its ruby-red shade, which is achieved through adding hundreds of pounds of raspberries to each batch. This gives the beer a fruity sweetness, which helps chug down the high alcohol content masked behind. And with a finish just as strong as its first sip, it’s an all-round 10.

3. Blood and Honey

Blood and Honey

Alcohol content: 7% ABV, Calories: 212

Blood and Honey by Revolver Brewing is another beer that’s worth exploring. This Granbury craft beer is inspired by a Tom Robbins novel, where the “blood” represents the essence of life and “honey” signifies the sweetness of it. That’s essentially what this brew is – essential and sweet for any beer lover.

At 7% ABV, this drink boasts a deep golden hue with pale malt, wheat, and citrus undertones. The beer’s orange and honey add-ons enhance the unfiltered flavor, giving it a full-bodied taste. It’s not your ordinary beer, but it’s guaranteed to finish smoothly and satisfy the soul.

4. Lone Star Original

Lone Star Original

Alcohol content: 4.7% ABV, Calories: 136

Brewed in the heart of Texas at the Lone Star Brewing Company, this drink stakes its claim as the country’s national beer. Born in 1884 in San Antonio, it harbors a rich history that’s just as fascinating as its taste. That’s primarily what makes it one of the most popular Texas beers of all time.

Iconic in its design, this craft beer first greets you with a beautiful red, white, and blue label. Then, it draws you in with refreshing notes of barley, hops, and malt. Finally, because its medium body doesn’t sit heavy, it’ll draw you in to grab a second, third, and so forth.

5. Lakewood Temptress

Lakewood Temptress

Alcohol content: 9.1% ABV, Calories: 300

Meet the seductress of Texas beers, the Lakewood Temptress by the Lakewood Brewing Company. Launched in 2012 from Garland, this delicious, dark Imperial Milk Stout has been wooing beer enthusiasts ever since. And just like their name, these beers are both rich and complex.

The Temptress boasts a wide taste profile, featuring notes of vanilla, caramel, and a hint of chocolate. Because it’s brewed with lower carbonation, it also has a silkier feel on each sip. And to top it all off, the beer welcomes you with a thick chocolate milk head, so you won’t even notice the effects of the 9.1% ABV.

6. Yellow Rose

Yellow Rose

Alcohol content: 6.8% ABV, Calories: 200

Magnolia has brought us many wonders, but the Lone Pint Brewery is their absolute best gem. Paying respect to the folklore icon with the same name, this beer is just as lively and spirited. The Lone Pint Brewery Yellow Rose is a single malt, single hop IPA, a rare mixture you’ll be thrilled to try.

These fan-favorites of both fancy restaurants and corner grocery stores are made of Mosaic hop, making them a rare but tasty find. The floral hops are joined by notes of fresh citrus, mango, and pine, giving you a full-bodied mixture of sweet and bitter.

7. Electric Jellyfish

Electric Jellyfish

Alcohol content: 6.5% ABV, Calories: 210

Another Austin-based brewery that skyrocketed to fame is Pinthouse Brewing Company, with the Electric Jellyfish beer being its award-winning sensation. This craft beer is loaded with a jolt of juicy hops, mirroring the sting of its namesake.

Besides that, these Texas beers are also packed with tropical passionfruit, bright pine, and fresh citrus. And thanks to its soft malt, this full-bodied beer brings an incredibly smooth bitterness for the perfect finish. 

8. Dallas Blonde

Dallas Blonde

Alcohol content: 5.2% ABV, Calories: 156

Blondes have more fun, but Dallas blondes have entire brews named after them. That’s right, the Dallas Blonde by Deep Ellum is the city’s favorite beer, and a lot has to do with the beer’s captivating notes and distinct flavor.

Picture crisp apple, raw honey, and vanilla mixed to perfection. Then, add in sweet malt, bitter hops, and a pleasant alcohol content of 5.2% ABV. What do you have? One of the best Texas beers of all time that’ll knock you right off your feet!

9. Power & Light Pale

Power & Light Pale

Alcohol content: 5.3% ABV, Calories: 173

Another Texas sensation that originated from the Independence Brewing Co. is Power & Light Pale. Trying to bottle the full force of the strong Texas spirit, these beers offer a robust yet accessible experience with 5.3% ABV.

These drinks burst with a mix of grapefruit and pine notes, after which your palate is refreshed with a nice citrus tang. The local lagers also feature a malty sweetness to die for and a crisp finish that’ll keep you longing for more. 

10. Shiner Bock

Shiner Bock

Alcohol content: 4.4% ABV, Calories: 140

Spoetzl Brewery is one of the oldest independent breweries in Texas, brewing wonders as early as 1909. Their most authentic taste comes in the high-quality Shiner Bock – a rich, “hefeweizen” malt with a sweet, smooth finish.

The Shiner Bock has a deep amber color, a special set of flavors, and a milky-brown top. Spoetzl Brewery promises a unique experience with every sip, and that’s what you’ll get from the best Texas beers. 

11. DDH Johnny Karate

DDH Johnny Karate

Alcohol content: 10.8% ABV, Calories: 320

Johnny Karate may be fun and quirky, but its namesake beer is not to be messed with. Brewed by the Turning Point Brewery in Fort Worth, this 10.8% ABV brew has been labeled both “dangerous” and “gripping” by local beer fans.

Even though it packs a punch, this double dry-hopped beer is surprisingly light and juicy. The Texas-made recipe shines with its cloudy golden color and rich foamy head, while its most notable flavors are mango, pineapple, and pine. 

12. Axis IPA

Axis IPA

Alcohol content: 7.1% ABV, Calories: 210

Roll out the barrels, folks! Our last pick for the best Texas beers list is Axis IPA by Real Ale Brewing Company. Based in Blanco, these craft breweries have been serving the handcrafted strong-hop beers ever since 1996.

Besides its refreshing hops, this beer also features tropical fruit flavors and resinous pine notes. Its medium-malt body pairs perfectly with the clear amber pour, while its fluffy wide head offers a taste of Texas in every sip.


As we finish this Texas beer expedition, it’s clear why the Lone Star State is famous for its craft beers. With so many diverse breweries on site, you’re always one moment away from finding an exquisite brew.

There are many other fantastic breweries across Texas, such as Austin Beerworks, Martin House, and Rahr & Sons. However, we tried to showcase a little bit of everything so that you’ll have enough juice to go on your own Texas beer adventure. 

In the end, it’s safe to say that Texas is a heavenly site for beer lovers. So, are you ready to try some Texas beers and quench your thirst? 

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