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One of the oldest alcoholic drinks in the world, beer has been a part of the world’s cultural evolution. From its early beginnings around 7,000 BCE in China to its modern-day variations, beer has become a go-to beverage for quenching thirst, especially in summer.

Best Indian Beer

Today, we list the best Indian Beer for social and private occasions. Whether you want its refreshing taste for a hot afternoon break or a familiar drink in your local bar, these brands offer satisfying variants to fit your preference.

Best Indian Beer

  • Kingfisher
  • Bira 91 White
  • Simba
  • Six Fields
  • Budweiser
  • Tuborg
  • Kalyani Black Label
  • Godfather
  • King’s Beer
  • Heineken
  • Haywards 5000
  • The Black Mamba
  • Royal Challenge

1. Kingfisher


From the world-class manufacturer United Breweries Group, Kingfisher is one of the best-selling beer brands in India.

Avid and casual drinkers love its unique combo of bitterness and citrusy taste with a hint of malt sweetness. It’s an easygoing Indian beer brand with different variations for any event.

Here’s a quick view of its most popular variants:

  • Kingfisher Strong & Kingfisher Blue: 8% alcohol content, perfect for drinkers with high alcohol tolerance
  • Kingfisher Ultra: 5% alcohol content, ideal for drinkers who prefer light beer
  • Kingfisher Ultra Witbier: A refreshing craft beer with a unique tinge of orange and coriander seeds spice
  • Kingfisher Premium: The youngster’s favorite drink with 4.8% alcoholic content

You can try chicken Manchurian recipes and crispy corn fry for food pairing.

2. Bira 91 White

Bira 91 White

Launched just in 2015, Bira 91 White is one of the newest Indian beers that’s gaining more attention from beer enthusiasts.

It’s a Belgian-style wheat beer known for its citrus flavor and spicy finish. Bira 91 is also on the low end of the bitterness level, perfect for someone who wants flavorful drinks minus the lingering bitter aftertaste.

If you’re having this with food, we recommend going with salads, barbecues, and spicy cuisines to enhance the beer’s taste in your palate.

3. Simba


Another newcomer is Simba, which launched in 2016 and has since become a favorite for beer lovers who don’t want bitter beers. 

It’s a homegrown and chemical-free brand with four variants, each with its unique taste:

  • Wit: A light-bodied wheat beer with 5% alcohol content with hints of orange peel, lemongrass, and Indian spices
  • Light: A variation with a smooth and crisp taste
  • Strong: Strong-tasting beer with an overpowering aroma
  • Stout: A dark-colored Indian beer with a roast flavor and hints of chocolate

Try pairing this with prawn crackers or Mutton Boti kebab to enhance the drink’s flavor.

4. Six Fields

Six Fields

Six Fields is a homegrown craft beer for anyone who loves fine alcohol. It’s brewed using some of the world’s oldest beer recipes, giving it a distinct flavor that sets it apart from most of its counterparts.

This brand has two variants – Cult and Blanche. The Cult variant has that citrusy taste and sweet aroma, while Blanche gives a smooth but intense taste of pale malt and coriander seeds.

Six Fields offers you a taste of the classic but with a strong punch that makes it stand out among its competition. 

5. Budweiser


It’s impossible to miss Budweiser on our list when it’s one of the best-selling imported beers in India.

Whether it’s in wine shops or local pubs, seldom will you run out of supply for this drink. This widespread availability makes Budweiser an easy pick for a casual drink. The mild combo of sweet and bitter taste makes it an easy chug.

This brand has two variants – Budweiser Magnum (6.5% alcohol) and Premium (5% alcohol).

6. Tuborg


Tuborg is a bottle-fermented malt beer known for its fresh taste mixed with the classic floral and grain aroma.

Its moderate bitter aftertaste tastes excellent with salads and spicy meals, making it an easy choice when serving these cuisines during parties and dinners.

This brand has three variants:

  • Tuborg Classic: Tailored to fit Indian’s preference
  • Tuborg Strong: 8% alcohol content, ideal for drinkers who have high alcohol tolerance
  • Tuborg Green: 4.5% alcohol content and gentle to the taste with a hint of sweetness

7. Kalyani Black Label

Kalyani Black Label

Known as one of the oldest beer brands in India, Kalyani Black Label has already built a reputation as among the best beer brands for locals and tourists.

It comes in strong and mild variants, both known for their strong taste and sweet aftertaste. Its alcohol percentage is between 5% and 8%, which is mild but enough to get you drunk.

Complementary food picks that work well with this beer include pizza, burger, sausage, and bangers and mash recipes.

8. Godfather


Godfather beer is the flagship beer brand of Devans Modern Breweries Limited and has been in the market since 1961. It’s among the most popular Indian beer brands notable for its smooth and strong malty taste.

It has three varieties:

  • Strong Beer: 7.5% alcohol
  • Lager Beer: 5% alcohol
  • Lite Beer: 4.5% alcohol

If you’re looking for a beer brand with a strong punch, Godfather will not disappoint.

9. King’s Beer

King’s Beer

King’s is a gluten-free Indian beer brand that appeals to drinkers who want to add beer to their dietary staples.

It’s a perfect beer option when visiting the beach or during picnic lunches with your loved ones.

King’s beer alcohol content ranges from 4% to 8% but is surprisingly light on the taste with its smoky malt aroma.

Considering its limited distribution, however, you might want to order this ahead as there’s a good chance it won’t be available from your local pubs at all times.

10. Heineken


Heineken is among the award-winning beer brands globally, and for a good reason. It has a wide distribution, a distinct flavor, and a superior smooth taste on every sip. It’s also budget-friendly, making it a go-to pick for huge gatherings like parties.

For a mass-produced product, you’d think Heineken goes for fast processing of its beer. On the contrary, the brand is known for its lengthy brewing cycle, running up to a month, double the usual timeframe most mainstream beer brands have.

This lengthy brewing process results in the beer’s trademark yellowish-brown color and rich, full flavor.

11. Haywards 5000

Haywards 5000

Haywards 5000 is excellent for serious drinkers who want a kick in their beer with decent hints of sweet and bitter tastes. It’s a strong beer made from high-quality malt with a distinct aroma of rice pudding and honey-topped bread.

At 7% alcohol content, expect a hard-hitting drink on your first sip. Pairing it with light snacks and salad can be a great way to stay sober longer and enjoy the drink and your company more.

12. The Black Mamba

The Black Mamba

While not the most alcoholic option on our list, The Black Mamba is the strongest-tasting craft beer. It’s made from coffee, chocolate, and roasted malt, giving it its bitter taste.

Stay away from Black Mamba if you love your sweet or citrusy beers. Otherwise, you can bring hotdogs, steaks, and other grilled dishes to complement the drink’s potent flavor.

13. Royal Challenge

Royal Challenge

Royal Challenge is a popular Indian beer brand known for its lengthy brewing process and select malts, giving it a rich flavor and a strong aroma.

It has hints of caramel, which helps balance the drink’s light, bitter taste with sweets. This beer is best enjoyed chilled, along with savory Indian dishes like tandoori chicken and creamy curries.

At 7.5% alcohol content, Royal Challenge is an easy pick for anyone who wants a strong drink with a distinctly superior taste to mainstream beer. 


Beer brands in India come in various formulations, but they’re all made to be enjoyed. Whether you’re drinking it on a lazy weekend or enjoying it with friends and family, there’s a beer to match the mood and occasion. 

Beef up your list of best beers using this roundup and try them out!

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