Can You Mix Vodka and Whiskey? (Quick Answer)

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If you enjoy mixing and matching alcohols, as we do, you might have considered blending vodka and whiskey. You might have also ended up at a party where you’ve considered drinking these two potent liquors on the same night. In our article, we’ll solve both dilemmas.

It’s common practice to combine liquors to create cocktails, most commonly the ones with low ABVs (alcohol by volume). However, can you mix vodka and whiskey?

Yes, you can, but since whiskey and vodka are both rather strong, you might start feeling a bit tipsy after just a few sips!

So, let’s talk about the science of mixing whiskey and vodka and how to produce a drink out of this potent combo that won’t knock you out. But first, let’s see what happens if you drink them separately.

Can You Drink Vodka and Whiskey on the Same Night?

You can, but it’s not exactly a good idea. While combining vodka and whiskey on the same night is not strictly prohibited, it’s vital to be aware of the after-effects.

First off, vodka and whiskey have high ABV levels, making them incredibly potent drinks. As a result, if you combine them and drink large amounts, a nasty hangover and perhaps an even worse night out are bound to follow.

However, if you drink moderately, it’s easy to avoid serious inebriation and hangover symptoms. Our advice is to always drink water while drinking any liquor, be it cocktails or two separate liquors. 

We suggest making a cocktail if you really want to have both whiskey and vodka on the same night.

So, Can You Mix Vodka and Whiskey?

It’s perfectly fine to combine vodka and whiskey, but we encourage combining them for a cocktail, to which you’ll also add other non-alcoholic elements.

We tried combining vodka and whiskey, and to be honest, it’s not the best combo without additions. Every cocktail needs its complements, and the most common ones are freshly squeezed juices, herbs, and sweeteners.

If you’re looking for a specific recipe that contains both vodka and whiskey, we recommend the AK-47 or our following entry.

More on mixing vodka and whiskey:

How to Mix Vodka and Whiskey (and the Appropriate Mixing Ratio)?

If you’re looking to make your own vodka/whiskey cocktail, the two spirits must be balanced. Given that whiskey and vodka both contain about the same amount of alcohol, a 1:1 ratio will give you the best of both worlds. 

But, for the best results in terms of taste, we recommend combining these two into a cocktail, like the Irish Martini. To make one, you’ll need 1⁄2 oz whiskey, 2 oz vodka, ½ oz dry vermouth, and lemon twist as garnish. 

Vodka vs Whiskey: Which Alcohol Is Stronger?

Vodka has an ABV of at least 37-40%, which may be considerably higher depending on the brand, whereas whiskey typically has an ABV of 40-60%. So, it’s safe to assume that whiskey has a far higher alcohol content than vodka.

However, that doesn’t mean that whiskey will get you drunker than vodka. How drunk you get simply depends on how much alcohol you drink and how fast you drink it.

Each person reacts to alcohol differently, and many factors, including weight, gender, and food consumption, might affect how intoxicated or hungover you feel.

Whiskey also has a stronger flavor. It’s richer, sweeter, and more peppery than vodka, which has a less complex, clear, but potent flavor.

As a result, vodka is more frequently drunk in cocktails and shots, whereas whiskey is more frequently sipped neat or on the rocks.

How Much Alcohol Will Get You Drunk?

In general, four to six shots of any liquor are enough to take someone on a dizzy ride.

All in all, your tolerance level most likely has the most impact on how drunk you feel. If you drink alcohol frequently, you can guzzle more, whereas non-frequent drinkers may become tipsy after just one drink.

Because women often become inebriated more quickly than men, the amount of shots required to become intoxicated varies depending on your gender as well. 

The rate at which alcohol enters your system is also influenced by your weight. If you are heavier, your body retains more water, so you’ll get drunk much slower.

It’s also important to eat something before drinking because doing so will stop you from getting intoxicated more quickly. 

How Much Whiskey Will Get You Drunk?

When it comes to whiskey, four to five drinks with a 40% ABV should be enough to make an average 198 lb male drunk. Women need less — around three to four. 

If you opt for a whiskey with an ABV of 60%, then you may need even less. There’s more — the Bruichladdich Whiskey is a whiskey that has an even higher ABV of 92%. 

So, always consider the type and brand of whiskey you’re drinking.

How Much Whiskey and Vodka Mixture Will Get You Drunk?

Two units of vodka and two units of whiskey combined, served on the rocks, will yield a beverage with 29.6% alcohol by volume.

For an average male of 198 lb, it takes around four rounds of this concoction over the course of two hours to start feeling a little tipsy.

On the other hand, it takes an average 170-pound woman around three rounds of this drink to feel intoxicated over the course of two hours.

Additionally, keep in mind that you could be taking a break in between shots. It goes without saying that getting drunk in such circumstances would take more time and drinking. 


In general, mixing whiskey and vodka is acceptable, and these two beverages are commonly used as the foundation for some cocktails. 

However, because both have significant ABVs, they may have a strong effect, and if you drink a lot, you may wind up with a nasty hangover. 

When done right, combining vodka and whiskey may result in a delightful and one-of-a-kind cocktail. So, get behind your home bar and start shakin’ things up! And don’t forget the garnish — a little lemon twist can go a long way!

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Abbey Miller
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  1. The key is not what you drink or anything about how you mix it. You can drink anything in any kinda order, everyone has heardr to old wives tale, beer before liquor, never sicker liquor before beer. You’re in the clear, the factor of getting drunk is more about your weight class and your sex more than anything else and how fast you drink, if you don’t want to get a hangover, make sure you drink lots of water.

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