Can You Mix Vodka and Rum? (Quick Answer)

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Vodka and rum both make excellent shots on their own. However, if you enjoy mixing beverages or drinking cocktails, you might want to know if these two can create their own concoction. We’ll also answer if you can drink vodka and rum separately on the same night.

You can combine rum and vodka to create a variety of different drink recipes, and we are happy to share one with you further down below. However, one thing to keep in mind is that while combining the two is a great idea, the result may be rather strong. 

Vodka and rum are both beverages with high amounts of alcohol, so combining the two might result in a hangover.

But there’s a catch — and it’s called drinking in moderation. So, if you want to learn more about the best way to mix these two popular beverages, continue reading. You’ll learn plenty!

Will Mixing Vodka and Rum Make You Sick?

The truth is that ingesting too much alcohol in a short period of time — even if it’s only one kind — will make you sick and leave you with a terrible hangover the next day.

While mixing small amounts of vodka and rum won’t get you hammered and make you sick, drinking too much of two really powerful alcoholic beverages will.

This is due to the two different kinds of alcohol utilized to create these beverages. As a consequence, drinking four shots of rum will make you less intoxicated than drinking two shots of rum and two shots of vodka.

In a nutshell, it’s better not to drink both vodka and rum on the same night — unless they’re in precisely crafted drinks with adequate dosage.

So, Can You Mix Vodka and Rum?

Vodka and rum can be mixed without any negative effects. In fact, this combo is found in a number of cocktails, including the Caribbean Painkiller and the Absolute Stress.

But since vodka and rum contain a lot of alcohol, it’s crucial to control how much you consume, especially if you choose a stronger liquor, which depends on the brand. 

In terms of taste, vodka is flavorless, whereas rum has a subtle sweetness. This means that they may not make for a tasty cocktail on their own. 

However, blending flavored rum and vodka — like the Bacardi Limon Flavored White Rum and Smirnoff Raspberry Vodka — may produce a cocktail with a better overall taste.

How to Mix Vodka and Rum (and the Appropriate Mixing Ratio)?

A 2:2 blend of rum and vodka is recommended. When combining them, put the ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice to neutralize their strong alcoholic flavor (and content).

While there are tons of vodka and rum cocktail recipes, we picked our favorite just to show you how easy and simple it is to make a fabulous drink out of these two.

Our drink of choice is the Spiced Rum Apple Vodka. It’s a recipe that includes 2 oz apple vodka, 2 oz spiced rum, 1⁄2 fresh lemon juice, and 1 oz ginger beer. 

Squeeze half a lemon into an ice-filled shaker and add the ginger beer, vodka, and rum. Shake for ten to fifteen seconds for the vodka and rum to fully mix and pour into a large glass. 

Garnish your cocktail with a slice of lemon or a lemon twist to make it extra special. 

Vodka vs. Rum: Which Alcohol Is Stronger?

Rum and vodka both contain a substantial amount of alcohol. Vodka normally has an ABV (alcohol by volume) of about 35%, whereas rum normally has an ABV of 40%. Also, there are rum brands with ABVs as high as 50%.

When it comes to the after-effects, rum may cause you to have a worse hangover the next day than vodka, even though their alcohol contents are similar.

One explanation is the plant used to make the liquor in question. Rum is made from sugar cane, which indicates that rum has more sugar than vodka. Ultimately, that may result in quicker dehydration, getting you drunk quicker and causing a worse hangover.

Therefore, vodka is often seen to be more hungover-friendly. Still, if you consume rum in moderation, you won’t have any hangover symptoms either.

How Much Alcohol Will Get You Drunk?

In most cases, four to six shots of any liquor are enough to get you drunk. However, there are many factors that might cause someone to get drunk after just one or two shots.

Such factors are age (older people get drunk faster), how fast you drink, how well you’ve eaten that day, how much you weigh, your gender, etc.

How Much Rum Will Get You Drunk?

A regular shot of rum contains 1.5 fl oz and has a 40% ABV. To be considered legally intoxicated in the United States, your blood alcohol content must be 0.08% or more.

As a result, an average male needs roughly five 1.5 oz shots of rum to achieve this limit, whilst females require somewhat less — around three to four shots.

Having said that, this would be the result if you drank that amount over a period of two hours. For instance, if you’re heavier and drink the same amount in a longer period of time, then you may need to drink more to get drunk.

How Much Vodka & Rum Mixture Will Get You Drunk?

Two units of vodka and two units of rum combined, served on the rocks, will yield a beverage with 29.6% alcohol by volume.

To feel a little tipsy, a 198 lb man typically has to consume four rounds of this cocktail over the course of two hours.

On the other hand, it takes an average woman of 170 pounds around three rounds of this concoction over the course of two hours to feel inebriated.

Also, keep in mind that you could be taking longer sips of your vodka and rum than this and pausing between shots. In that case, getting intoxicated will take longer and require more booze.


In conclusion, vodka and rum mix nicely and may be used to create a variety of beverages, like the Spiced Rum Apple Vodka we shared with you.

When mixed, an average male needs five shots of this drink to get wasted, whereas an average female needs only three to four.

Another thing to remember is that while combining the two is advantageous, it might have a significant impact — your hangovers will be much worse if you overindulge!

And when it comes to which one leaves you with the worst hangover, rum definitely comes out on top.

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