How Many Shots of Fireball To Get Drunk?

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Getting drunk should never be the goal when you go out drinking. That’s why you should always drink responsibly and know your limits. That being said, you need to understand your limits to engage in responsible drinking. For instance, consider asking yourself how many shots of Fireball you need to get drunk.

Whiskey has one of the highest Alcohol by Volume (ABV) among common spirits. Fireball whiskey is a cinnamon-flavored liquor that has 33% ABV, which is lower than most whiskey brands. It is still an effective drink if you want to get drunk or have a good time with your friends or colleagues.

How Many Shots of Fireball To Get Drunk?

But when drinking Fireball, you need to keep in mind that there is a likelihood you may exceed your limits. To help you estimate how many shots of Fireball you need to get drunk, we have calculated the Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) levels for different body weights and levels of tolerance.

What Affects How Many Shots It Takes To Get Drunk

Shots of Fireball

Numerous variables affect how many shots of Fireball it takes to get drunk. Some of them include:

  • Body Weight
  • Level of tolerance
  • Gender and age

Body Weight

An individual’s body weight is key in how quickly they metabolize alcohol. People with a lower body weight will likely get drunk more quickly and require fewer shots than people with a larger body weight.

A lower body weight increases the Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) much faster. Thus, you may not need a lot of Fireball shots to get drunk. In addition, the level of food consumption will also affect how quickly one gets drunk.

If you consume food before or while drinking, you will likely have to take more shots of Fireball. The presence of food in the stomach slows down how quickly alcohol gets absorbed into the bloodstream.

Level of Tolerance

Tolerance is usually built up as the body becomes more accustomed to the effects of alcohol. Drinking alcohol leads to the development of different levels of tolerance. People who drink alcohol are often classified based on their experience in drinking into two main categories which are:

  • Beginners
  • Experienced drinkers


Beginners have a low level of tolerance to alcohol and may even get drunk after taking one shot of Fireball. People new to drinking will often begin experiencing the effects of alcohol much faster than experienced drinkers.

Experienced Drinkers

People with a lot of experience drinking alcohol will have a higher alcohol tolerance. The average BAC level for feeling buzzed is 0.03%, which means an experienced drinker weighing 150 pounds would need about four Fireball shots to reach that state.

Experienced drinkers may need at least 5 shots of Fireball to get drunk. The higher the level of tolerance, the more the number of shots needed to get drunk.

Gender and Age

Due to varying physiological features, men and women will get drunk at different levels. For instance, men have a higher body water content and lower fat percentage, which increases the number of shots they need to consume to get drunk.

Women will often get drunk much more quickly because their bodies absorb alcohol much faster resulting in a higher BAC. Thus, if you are drinking Fireball with your female friends, remind them to pace themselves if they are drinking the same number of shots as their male counterparts.

The older a person gets, the more the number of shots they will need to get drunk. Age-related changes to metabolism often slow down how quickly the body absorbs alcohol.

How Much Alcohol Does a Bottle of Fireball Contain?


Fireball is an unusual whiskey because it contains less than 40% ABV. A bottle of Fireball is 33% ABV, which doesn’t make it a strong liquor. Fireball comes with a cinnamon-sweet taste, which has made it quite popular.

One shot of alcohol can range from 25 ml to 60 ml depending on where you are. Fireball contains a lot of sugar which is one of the reasons for its lower ABV. The sugar makes Fireball quite sweet, which can trick you into taking more than necessary shots.

It will usually take 30 minutes after consumption for the effects of a shot of Fireball to be felt. So you may not get drunk immediately after or experience the effects much faster if you take the shots in quick succession.

What To Expect From Five Shots of Fireball

Five shots of Fireball will likely get you drunk, even if you are a seasoned drinker. Let’s break down what to expect when taking five shots of Fireball whiskey:

The First Shot

The first shot will usually hit a bit hard for first-time drinkers. You may start to get a slight buzz after the first shot as your body begins to absorb alcohol. In addition, the alcohol’s taste will leave a lingering sensation in your mouth.

The Second Shot

The second shot may make you feel more intoxicated, especially if you are a beginner. Experienced drinkers may begin to feel more relaxed and enter a state of euphoria as their BAC increases.

The Third Shot

Three shots will likely make anyone, even experienced drinkers, a bit tipsy or even drunk, depending on their BAC level. After the third shot, some of the effects you will see are lowered inhibitions, and reflexes will likely be slower.

The Fourth Shot

The fourth shot will likely get you intoxicated or help you decide if you can handle more. You may start to experience slurred speech, impaired judgment, blurred vision, and reduced reaction time. You may experience impaired coordination and balance. It’s a safe bet that you will be drunk by the fourth shot, but you can still go for more.

The Fifth Shot

The fifth shot is enough to get anyone drunk. The alcohol content accumulated when you take the fifth shot is enough to cause significant cognitive impairment. Consuming the fifth shot is even risky to your health as it may cause alcohol poisoning or extreme intoxication.


The number of Fireball shots needed to get drunk varies depending on several factors. For some people, two or three shots are enough to get drunk, while some may need at least four or five. Whatever number suits your preference, drink responsibly, and take lots of water to avoid a hangover the following morning.

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