12 Best Cinnamon Whiskey Brands

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Cinnamon whiskey adds sweetness and a unique flavor to the regular whiskey drink. And there are several cinnamon whiskey brands on the market today.

However, finding one that suits your fancy might be challenging. To make it easier for you to choose, we’ve put together a list of 12 cinnamon whiskey brands you should absolutely taste!.

12 Best Cinnamon Whiskey Brands

Cinnamon Whiskey Brands

Here’s a list of the best cinnamon whiskey brands you can’t afford to miss out on:

  1. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire
  2. Evan Williams Cinnamon Reserve
  3. Bird Dog Hot Cinnamon Flavored Whiskey
  4. Jeremiah Weed
  5. Jim Beam Kentucky Fire
  6. Fireball
  7. Cinerator Hot
  8. Sinfire
  9. Stillhouse Red Hot Whiskey
  10. Yukon Jack Fire
  11. Ole Smoky
  12. Catch Fire

1. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire is the perfect blend of Jack Daniel’s No. 7 Tennessee whiskey and spicy cinnamon liqueur. This spirit is the spicier version of the mellow classic Tennessee whiskey.

This brand combines exciting flavors like vanilla and spicy and sweet cinnamon nutmeg, and it features bold aromas of cinnamon candy and honey. This reasons are why we also rate it as one of the top tennessee whiskeys.

Another thing you’re bound to notice about this whiskey is its warmth and how long the taste lasts in the mouth. It’s best served in a cocktail or chilled over ice.

2. Evan Williams Cinnamon Reserve

Evan Williams Cinnamon Reserve

Evan Williams Cinnamon Reserve has a tagline, “all heat, no burn,” and this whiskey lives up to its title. The hot cinnamon in this whiskey is gentle on the nose but will surely put much-needed fire in your stomach.

The 65-proof Kentucky bourbon infused with sweet honey cinnamon flavor and added spiciness has all it takes to awaken your taste buds. Top it all off with the melon undertone, and you have for yourself one of the most delicate drinks out there.

One way to enjoy this liqueur is by adding it to your cocktails or drinking it chilled or on the rocks.

3. Bird Dog Hot Cinnamon Flavored Whiskey

Bird Dog Hot Cinnamon Flavored Whiskey

If you’re the kind that enjoys hot whiskey, then Bird Dog Hot Cinnamon flavored whiskey is one liquor you should have in your coffers.

This is an 80-proof whiskey with a spicy and sweet aroma and taste of warm bourbon and welcoming undertones of caramel, oak, and vanilla. Imagine all these flavors rolling into one on your tongue.

The best part is that it has a lingering cinnamon aftertaste so that you can savor it for a long time. And when the taste finally fades out, it leaves behind a mellow caramel taste.

4. Jeremiah Weed

Jeremiah Weed

Jeremiah Weed is well known for producing sweet tea-flavored vodkas, but they also make some of the best whiskeys on the market. One is their tantalizing cinnamon-flavored whiskey, both to the nose and mouth.

The first thing you’ll notice about this liquor is its red-hot aroma. And when you taste it, you will enjoy the whiskey’s cinnamon and vanilla notes. This mildly spicy beverage has a lengthy, authentic finish.

One thing that sets Jeremiah Weed Cinnamon Flavored whiskey apart from other cinnamon whiskies is its bold oak-aged flavor. Its taste and aroma are similar to traditional whiskey, and its packaging is reminiscent of the retro days.

5. Jim Beam Kentucky Fire

Jim Beam Kentucky Fire

Jim Beam has some of the best bourbons and classic whiskeys you can find, and the Kentucky Fire is another excellent product in their collection. The first thing to note is that the drink combines Kentucky Straight bourbon whiskey and cinnamon liqueur.

This means that while you enjoy the sweetness of the Kentucky bourbon, it packs enough cinnamon spice to give you the fiery kick you want.

A shot of Jim Beam Kentucky Fire will always be a memorable one. This drink is widely recognized as the ideal elixir to chase away the cold, so more people buy it during winter.

You should try mixing Jim Beam with a lemon wedge and ginger beer—the combo is a bomb!

6. Fireball


Fireball Cinnamon whiskey is a famous Canadian whiskey with intense cinnamon flavors. Therefore, you’re bound to enjoy not only bold and spicy flavors but also fragrant aromas.

This whiskey is not just spicy but also offers a sweet tone due to its cinnamon flavor. And, as the name implies, this liquor will definitely set your tastebuds on fire, and with its long hot finish, you’ll be savoring its taste for a while.

The best way to enjoy this drink is by combining it with apple cider, spiced cider, or orange liqueur.

7. Cinerator Hot

Cinerator Hot

With 91.1 proof, Cinerator Hot is a strong whiskey on its own. Top it off with a hot cinnamon flavor, and you have one of the most potent cinnamon whiskeys out there.

A sip of this liquor will take you on a journey filled with sweet medium and red hot burns. And the blend of vanilla, honey, and licorice makes up for a memorable experience.

There’s also a long honey finish to round it all up. This is one whiskey that’s perfect for cocktails and shots.

8. Sinfire


Sinfire is an award-winning whiskey, so you know you can never go wrong with this liquor. Its smooth and balanced blend of rich whiskey and spicy cinnamon makes it a perfect elixir for any occasion.

This whiskey is also available in different flavors, such as Sriracha honey, apple cinnamon, and vanilla cinnamon. And no matter what flavor you choose, you’ll always get the bold flavor and spicy heat you crave for.

You can serve Sinfire cinnamon whiskey any way you prefer, but it’s best served with a cocktail.

9. Stillhouse Red Hot Whiskey

Stillhouse Red Hot Whiskey

Stillhouse Red Hot Whiskey is an all-American liquor with 100% corn whiskey and natural cinnamon as its main components. This combination makes this red-hot whiskey one of the tastiest around and a drink that packs quite the punch.

You won’t find this liquor in glass bottles. Instead, it’s packaged in a stainless steel drum that helps with maximum temperature absorption—it chills the whiskey faster.

And in terms of chilliness, you should take this liquor cold. However, adding it to your cocktails, especially the citrus-flavored kind, is another option you can consider.

10. Yukon Jack Fire

Yukon Jack Fire

This is a 70-proof Canadian whiskey mixed with a hot cinnamon flavor for an extra dose of hotness. Even before taking a drink, the spicy cinnamon aroma is enough to give you a tip of what to expect.

Yukon Jack Fire has that smooth and bold taste that’s common among most whiskeys infused with hot cinnamon spice. It has a smooth finish as well.

This drink is also made with natural flavors, so a sip will have multiple flavors bursting out on your tongue, especially if you take it chilled or over ice.

11. Ole Smoky

Ole Smoky

Ole Smoky is another great cinnamon whiskey brand from Tennessee’s stables. It’s 70-proof and contains enough cinnamon spice to introduce you to a lip-smacking heat and fire up your belly.

This drink is specially made for people who love strong-flavored beverages, so if you’re the kind who prefers milder flavors, this liquor might be a bit overwhelming for you.

You can use Ole Smoky’s cinnamon whiskey to spice up your coffee, cocoa, or tea.

12. Catch Fire

Catch Fire

Catch Fire cinnamon whiskey comprises 60-proof Canadian whiskey with flavors and aromas of cinnamon, vanilla, and caramel. These flavors are the reason this drink has some powerful effect on the taste buds and a lingering finish that’ll keep you enthralled for a while.

You can keep it in your freezer for a late-night rendezvous or mix it with lemon juice and simple syrup.

This is one interesting drink you can enjoy alone or with friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Carbs in Cinnamon Whiskey?

Yes, there are carbs in cinnamon whiskey. So, you should consider this factor, especially if you’re on a keto diet.

What’s the Overall Best Cinnamon Whiskey?

It’d be wrong to choose an overall best cinnamon whiskey, as each brand has its unique taste and target audience. But as long as you stick to a good-quality brand, especially any mentioned above, you’re good to go.

Does Cinnamon Whiskey Contain Sugar?

Yes, cinnamon whiskey contains sugar, but not in the same quantity. And of all the brands out there, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire has the least amount of sugar. For example, this drink contains 6 grams of sugar, which is lower than other whiskey brands that possess about 11 grams or more.

Is There a Cinnamon Bourbon?

There’s no cinnamon bourbon. This is because of one major factor in its production: it must not have any flavorings. Any bourbon that contains cinnamon flavorings is regarded as flavored whiskey.


You can never go wrong with choosing any of these cinnamon whiskey brands. They’re intensely flavored yet possess natural flavor notes to make them irresistible. And they also have a smooth and long-lasting finish.

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