12 Best French Vodka Brands You Should Try

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While the first thing that might pop into your head when you think of France might be wine, vodka should undoubtedly be on the list. Most French vodkas are extraordinary, nuanced drinks that taste just as good on their own as they do in the cocktail of your choice.

One of the most exciting aspects of French vodka is its production. Many distillers use grapes to get a unique taste. These 12 best French vodka brands you should try will look great on your home bar and impress your friends to no end.

1. Eristoff

Eristoff French vodka is triple-distilled for that distinctive pure taste. Although you can taste a lot of clean notes running through this vodka, Eristoff is famous for a spicy kick at the end that tastes a little bit like licorice.

Enjoy it all on its own or with a little bit of lime. It’s downright decadent and will surely add a nice flavor to your next martini or ice-cold vodka.

2. Jean-Marc XO

Jean-Marc XO comes from a place much more renowned for its flavorful Cognac than its vodka, but don’t discount it because of that. This ultra-distilled treat has a soft, wheaty mouthfeel and an immaculate finish.

It’s a great vodka to enjoy straight, thanks to the fact that you won’t get much burn on the back end. Plus, it’s an artisan blend with numbered bottles that you can taste the quality shine through.

3. Grands Domaines

Subtle but powerful Grands Domaines is a stellar vodka with a luscious and soft mouthfeel that’s perfect for slow sipping on a summer’s day.

Enjoyed best ice cold; Grands Domaines has a very clean finish that reads just a little bit on the citrus side. As such, it’s the perfect foil for any mixed drink, although you might be tempted to simply enjoy it straight. Savvy sippers should be able to glean some pepper notes at the end.

4. Sauvelle

Sauvelle’s beautiful presentation is only matched by its fantastic taste and body. It’s another French vodka that comes from Cognac, and it’s made out of special Gensac filtered water, plus wheat, then slow filtered, allowing all sorts of aromatic elements to shine through.

You’ll get lots of vanilla and a silky mouthfeel from this one, so it’s an excellent gift for the vodka lover in your life.

5. 06 Vodka Rose

This French vodka is undoubtedly one of the most forward-thinking ones on our list, and it heralds from the famous Comte de Grasse distillery. 06 Vodka Rose is a nod to the region’s Rose wine, with plenty of aromatics and notes from the wine itself.

It’s a beautiful interplay of both vodka and wine, with both elements of the drinks shining through beautifully. Although a lot is going on in this vodka, you’ll find it ultra-harmonious and easy to drink.

6. Ciroc

Ciroc is one of the top French vodka houses in the country and a must-have for any and every true vodka connoisseur. This vodka is super distilled, going through a whopping five distillations before reaching your bottle. The result is a sweet, satiny-smooth vodka with just a hint of premium French grapes.

7. NAUD Premium French Vodka

The name of this vodka perfectly describes what it is; a premium product. NAUD Premium French Vodka’s exciting presentation is a nice nod to the distillation process itself.

This vodka will look great on your home bar and taste even better when you pour it into the shot glass or rocks cup of your choice. The vodka inside is another nod to its premier engineering. It’s smooth, never cloying, and beautifully balanced.

8. Grey Goose

If you’ve heard of any French vodkas, it’s probably Grey Goose. Renowned for both flavor and technique, Grey Goose is one of the top bottles you can proudly display on your bar shelf.

It is a luxury sip known for its clarity and ability to mix seamlessly into virtually any different cocktail. It’s won tons of awards and has fans all over the world. So if you opt for one vodka on our list, make it this one.

9. Decision Vodka

Always the right choice, Decision Vodka hails from Cognac and has a refreshing and delicious bouquet of aromatics. You can get some floral scent in the nose, but it goes down clean with virtually zero burn. It’s a great vodka for people who love the spirit but also novices who don’t want anything too forward.

10. Dragon Bleu

This small distillery puts out an excellent vodka. Dragon Bleu comes from France’s Grande Champagne and is a fun fusion of rye, wheat, and different types of barley. It’s a very versatile spirit with a few hints of flavor, so you can mix it expertly into your favorite drink. Best of all, it finishes nice and crisply for a lovely shot straight up.

11. Bistro Vodka

If you’re looking for a vodka with a lovely artisan touch and beautiful distillation, look no further than Bistro Vodka. This epic spirit might come from France, but according to its website, it has some Russian roots. Plus, you can’t beat the presentation. Each bottle is lovingly crafted and has an elegant, streamlined display.

12. Cobalte Vodka

Cobalte Vodka comes from some of France’s most premium grapes, so you’ll get a nice dose of jammy flavor in each bottle, plus a bit of earthiness. It’s an excellent drink for people who want more substance in their vodka and don’t mind a pleasant, lingering aftertaste.

If you haven’t had French vodka yet, these 12 best French vodka brands you should try will delight your palate and look stunning on your home bar. Plus, they make excellent gifts for family and friends and are great for cracking open on a particular day.

So, put one or more on your “must savor” list today. You will certainly not be disappointed and might discover a new favorite.

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