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Ukraine has some of the best vodkas on the planet. This pure, delicious, and expertly distilled vodka is something that every liquor connoisseur should have in a place of pride in their home bar. These 12 best Ukrainian vodka brands are the cream of the crop. If you haven’t tried Ukrainian vodka yet, you are in for a real treat.

1. Dima’s

Dima’s Vodka is a gorgeous charcoal-filtered vodka that’s been distilled multiple times and fused out of three separate types of grain. As a result, it’s an entirely pure vodka, and you won’t taste any lingering burn on end. Instead, you’ll get a nice, soft mouthfeel and a pleasant come down from your sip instead.

Dima’s has a clear, beautiful pour and a lovely mouthfeel that’s round and robust. It gets many of its characteristics from Ukraine’s earth, which is perfect for cultivating high-quality vodka-producing grains. Interspersed with the traditional vodka taste, you’ll find anise, spice, and just a touch of vanilla to round things off at the end.

2. Pristine

As the name suggests, Pristine is a fantastic high-quality vodka. If you’re looking for something satiny and smooth, look no further than this tremendous pour. It’s got an outstanding balance of flavors and a nice clean finish that speaks highly of its incredible ingredients.

One of the things that certainly sets Pristine apart is the quality of the ingredients. It all starts with traditional Ukrainian wheat and mineral water, and then the vodka is meticulously filtered to make sure that it’s the highest quality before getting bottled.

Take one sip, and the first thing that you’ll be sure to notice is the luxe mouthfeel. Savvy drinkers will pick up on creamy and fruity notes throughout, and there’s a beautiful sweetness at the end.

3. Zirkova

This esteemed Ukrainian vodka brand has several centuries of distilling excellence under its belt, so it’s no wonder it’s beloved throughout the country. Zirkova is one of Ukraine’s top vodkas, and it bases a lot of its success on tried-and-true formulas and a great process whereby the vodka goes through four distillations to become as silky smooth as possible.

The result is a clear, delicious vodka that blends ideally with almost any different kind of mixer. You can also enjoy it all on its own, ice cold, and served straight from a shot glass. Zirkova is also excellent served with a slight citrus twist.

4. Pervak

Pervak is one of Ukraine’s top vodkas, encompassing a whole lineup of different vodkas and ingredients. You can get traditional wheat vodka, rye vodka, or other flavors. One of the most impressive things about this distillery is that they make innovative flavors, including honey and pepper.

The distillers make Pervak with absolute care, starting with special artisanal water and adding only the most premium ingredients. Then, the distillers add an inventive mix of flavors, giving you traditional tastes like honey and rye with their spin on things.

The result is interesting, whimsical, and utterly delightful. Put a bottle of Pervak on your home bar, and you’re bound to get some serious compliments.

5. Staritsky Levitsky

Staritsky Levitsky comes out of Lviv, Ukraine, and uses premium ingredients from the region’s Carpathian Mountains to get that smooth, clean vodka taste. In addition, the high amount of minerals in the water makes it special, lending this vodka a unique mouthfeel and a luxe flavor palate that’s slightly herbaceous and has a warm, bready finish.

This vodka is interesting because you can taste the different spices in each sip, although none of them are prominent. There’s also a sweet, grassy flavor to the body of the drink. The interplay of these different tastes is really what sets Staritsky Levitsky in a class all of its own.

6. Titomirov

This ultra-popular Ukrainian company makes gluten-free vodka that goes through a seven-time distillation process to get its unique purity and taste. Titomirov is a vodka for vodka lovers because you can taste the cleanness and high quality of your drink in each sip.

This is a good pick for you if you don’t like your vodka muddled down with any additional flavors.

Titomirov’s clean palate and nice finish make it the ideal mixer for a variety of different cocktails, although if you love the refreshing bite of vodka, you can drink it all on its own. Purists will want to combine Titomirov with just a touch of citrus to bring out the flavors.

7. Helsinki

If you’ve heard of any different kinds of Ukrainian vodka brands, there’s a good chance that the name Helsinki has come up. This brand is pretty well known in the international community, and it’s got an excellent reputation for both clarity and excellence.

A mix of wheat and fresh water from a special subterranean river, Helsinki doesn’t need a lot of gimmicks or additional ingredients to make its vodka sing.

There are several different vodkas to choose from, but the Winter Capital Siver and Ice Palace stand out in terms of clarity, taste, and texture. With a soft, round mouthfeel and a nice body, both of these vodkas are great for toasting at your next get-together and will undoubtedly put a celebratory spin on any occasion.

8. Mernaya

Known as a National Ukrainian product according to its website, Mernaya uses a fairly standard but tried and true process for making its premium, delicious vodka. The combination is a simple one of wheat and water, yielding a pure grain alcohol product that doesn’t have a lot of burn on end.

One of the major secrets to Mernaya’s success is filtration and distillation. For optimal taste, this vodka is distilled five total times and filtered an additional four through various processes that remove all impurities.

As a result, you can pick up a standard bottle of Mernaya or get Mernaya Vodka on Milk, a milk-purified drink with a slightly different but still delicious taste.

9. Nemiroff Vodka

Nemiroff Vodka uses wood barrels to infuse its mixture with a lovely flavor and a hearty, earthy smell. You’ll get a bit more flavor out of this vodka, specifically spice and a touch of sweetness. Since it’s matured in barrels, there’s also plenty of oakiness. If you’re looking for a vodka that’s a little bit outside of the bill, Nemiroff Vodka fits super well.

It’s also one of Ukraine’s most popular imports, going to 80 countries globally, so there’s a good chance that you can find a bottle of Nemiroff Vodka somewhere near you. If you’re lucky enough to come across one, put it in your home bar ASAP.

You’ll impress your friends and always have something great to mix cocktails with. Although the standard vodka is tasty, Nemiroff Vodka also makes some inventive flavors.

10. Khor Platinum

Khor Platinum is unique in terms of Ukrainian vodkas because it’s not wheat-based. Instead, it’s all made out of corn and filtered through charcoal to lend it a smooth and delicious taste that goes down easily and mixes seamlessly with all of your favorite cocktails.

Since this vodka is so naturally neutral tasting but still has that very luxe mouth feel, it’s excellent for premium cocktails with only a few ingredients.

Put it into your next martini, or make a simple drink with a splash of grapefruit juice, some citrus wedges, and a little salt. Ultimately, it’s up to you to determine how you want to customize it, but you’ll find that this bottle is a bar staple.

11. Hlibny Dar

If you’re looking for a higher-end vodka and don’t mind spending a little money, Hlibny Dar is a very good choice. It’s one of the top brands from Bayadera Group and is a combination of multi-filtered well water and various grains.

You can choose whichever style fits you. Hlibny Dar offers Ukrainian wheat, rye, and grain vodkas. You can also get different flavors like ginger honey. No matter what you select, you’re bound to be impressed because the craft of this vodka and the quality of the ingredients are next-level.

12. Khortysta

One of Ukraine’s top vodka manufacturers, Khortysta is a very popular vodka that’s sold internationally. Known for its exacting standards of excellence, Khortysta is an award-winning distillery that makes an ultra-smooth top-of-the-line drink with a great body and a very neutral taste.

It’s a relatively new distillery, coming up in 1998. Khortysta offers several different riffs on its original vodka blend. The Platinum is one of the best and possibly the smoothest vodka you’ll ever grace your glasses with.

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