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There are plenty of different types of vanilla vodkas out there, but some stand out from the rest. These 12 best vanilla vodka brands come from some of the world’s premier distilleries and will give you a sophisticated and sweet experience while never tasting artificial.

With luxe notes of natural vanilla and plenty of depth, you’ll most likely want to enjoy these top 12 brands straight. But, on the other hand, you can undoubtedly stir them up into the cocktail of your choice for a brilliant spin on a classic drink.

So, if you’ve been disappointed by vanilla vodka in the past, it’s time to give this delicious favorite another try. These brands are anything but ordinary and will certainly make you a believer in flavored vodkas.

1. Smirnoff Vanilla

Smirnoff has a real reputation for excellence, and Smirnoff Vanilla is a decadent example of the artistry and skill you’ll find in every bottle. One of the top things that set Smirnoff Vanilla apart is its base. The high-quality base is made out of multiple-distilled corn and is extra pure, the perfect foil for the vanilla.

The vanilla flavoring in Smirnoff Vanilla is tinged with marshmallows, which gives it extra sweetness without being too cloying. The result is an endlessly drinkable vodka that you can enjoy straight and ice-cold on a summer’s day.

2. Corsair Vanilla Bean

Corsair Vanilla Bean is the epitome of premium vanilla vodkas, certainly putting lesser artificial vodkas to shame with its formula. However, one of the best things this vodka does is not add too much vanilla flavor. Instead, the distillers allow the vanilla to be a logical backdrop to the already fantastic vodka, which is ultra-distilled and has a nice, neutral flavor.

The result is vanilla-infused vodka made out of premium Madagascar beans. If you’ve never tasted true vanilla, you’re in for a real treat. Corsair Vanilla Bean has rich, decadent tones that never skew too sweet.

3. Triple Eight Vanilla

This Nantucket-based vanilla vodka is an exceptional product with good ingredients that start from the bottom up. Triple Eight Vanilla has a multiple-distillation process, plus a specific well water base that gives it a creamy, light mouthfeel and minimal burn.

You can also taste that all of the ingredients are natural. The vanilla shines through but also works well with the natural flavor of the vodka. Every bottle has a lot going on, but you’ll taste each note.

4. VanGogh Vanilla

VanGogh’s Chocolate Vodka is a fan favorite, but VanGogh Vanilla also deserves a special nod. Like most VanGogh products, this one is ultra-distilled and has a satiny mouthfeel, thanks to the exceptional ingredients in the base. So if you’re the sort of person who doesn’t like a lot of burn in their vodka, reach for a bottle of this good stuff.

As with many of our premium options, you’ll find actual vanilla beans in VanGogh Vanilla. There are no artificial flavors here. Instead, you’ll get mellow, distinct notes of natural vanilla that pair perfectly with a dessert martini or shine with just a splash of seltzer and a squeeze of citrus.

5. Starr Blu

Starr Blu has a lot of things going for it, but the primary on the list has got to be the inexpensive price point. It’s a low to a moderately-priced bottle of vodka, making it ideal for people who are just trying out vanilla vodkas. Starr Blu is an excellent call if you want something to supplement your home bar but don’t want to break your bank account.

Despite the lower price point, it’s still a very premium product. With a five-distillation process, it’s smooth and drinkable with a crisp and tasty finish. It’s more vanilla-heavy than some of our others, with a creamy texture that almost mimics ice cream. As such, it’s an excellent spirit to mix into sodas.

6. Burnett’s Vanilla

Burnett’s Vanilla is what you should reach for if you’re in the mood for a deliciously silky option that’s forward on the vanilla and tastes exceptional in mixed drinks and shots.

It’s a vodka for people who love vanilla flavor, and you’ll get it from start to finish in each sip, but there’s not a lot of burn on the end. Even though there’s more than enough vanilla to go around, Burnett’s Vanilla isn’t overly sweet.

It’s also a gluten-free option, so you can feel comfortable serving it at your next big get-together. Although Burnett’s Vanilla tends to be pretty high octane, percentage-wise, you never get that straight-up alcohol taste. It’s a good choice for vanilla lovers, but maybe a bit of a dangerous one too.

7. Grey Goose La Vanille

Grey Goose is one of the top vodka manufacturers in the world, and Grey Goose La Vanille hits pretty much all the high marks by pairing classic vanilla flavor with other dessert-reminiscent ones like caramel and almond. Savvy drinkers will notice some white chocolate in there too. Despite the plethora of different flavors, it’s never too sweet and always very balanced.

This chic vodka defies artificial-tasting vanilla offerings by being ultra-sophisticated and easy to drink straight. It’s a good vodka to have around the holidays or when you want to celebrate something genuinely monumental because anyone who sips it will taste the artistry in each glass.

8. Veil Vanilla

This more obscure brand fuses two favorite vodka flavors, citrus, and vanilla, into a beautiful summery blend that deserves a prominent place in your home bar. Veil Vanilla balances luxe vanilla with pure, bright citrus for a nice, light flavor that doesn’t have any lingering aftertaste. Instead, the finish is velvety smooth with no burn.

Veil makes its vodka with a multi-distillation process and filters the whole thing through charcoal, so you don’t have to worry about it tasting too harsh. Instead, you can sip this one straight and enjoy all of the beautiful flavors.

9. Absolut Vanilia

If there’s one vodka that everyone on the planet knows, it’s Absolut. Absolut Vanilia is a fantastic product that adheres to Absolut’s strict quality control standards, and you can taste it with every sip. This vodka works well with all sorts of sodas, and it’s excellent in your favorite sweet martini.

Clever distillers like Absolut know how to play with flavor, so in addition to all of that sumptuous and tasty vanilla, you’ll also get plenty of caramel and a touch or two of toffee. This is an excellent choice if you like your vanilla vodka heavy on the dessert flavors.

10. Stolichnaya Vanilla

Stoli, as it’s commonly known, is a tremendous international distillery that puts out an excellent, neutral-tasting vodka. Stolichnaya Vanilla is one of their best-tasting flavor options, though, because it’s a lovely blend of Madagascar and Indonesian vanilla beans, and all of the sweetness comes from premium products, with no extra sugar.

To add a touch of class and heat, Stolichnaya Vanilla has an exciting nose; black pepper. This offsets the vanilla flavor and makes the whole thing much more complex and delicious. It’s unexpected and tasty, but it’s light enough to work well in a cocktail. The versatility of this vodka is really what makes it a star.

11. Heritage Vanilla

Heritage Distilling makes plenty of flavored vodkas, but its Heritage Vanilla indeed charts as one of the best. You’ll get oodles of vanilla flavor but nothing too cloying or artificial, and the vodka’s grape base makes the perfect backdrop for the sweeter notes of this drink.

There’s also a fair amount of tartness to the sip, which mellows out the vanilla somewhat and gives a counterweight to the sweetness. It’s a balanced vodka with relatively low alcohol content, so you can enjoy it without having to worry too much about the consequences.

12. Ciroc French Vanilla

Ciroc makes a stellar line of vodkas, and Ciroc French Vanilla is one of the company’s crown jewels. This vodka is a little bit more sophisticated and nuanced because it’s French vanilla-based, not vanilla based, so it’s a bit less sweet but just as decadent and silky as others on our list.

With Madagascar-sourced beans, Ciroc French Vanilla tastes expensive, and you won’t find any artificial flavors lingering around. Instead, it’s just a round, tasty, sweet flavor with an excellent finish.

Best Mixers with Vanilla Vodka

The good news is you can mix just about anything with vanilla vodka. It goes wonderfully with different types of sodas, like Dr. Pepper and lemon soda, seltzers, or lemonade. You can also stir vanilla vodka into your favorite dessert martini or drink it straight with just a slight citrus twist.

More vodka brands:

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