Can You Mix Red Bull and Whiskey?

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Many people are familiar with the Vodka Red Bull, a mixed drink popular at nightclubs and bars. However, the Whiskey Red Bull is the lesser-known cousin of the popular energy drink and alcohol combination.

This quick guide will cover whether mixing Red Bull and whiskey is a good idea, both flavor-wise and health-wise. We’ll also answer some common questions about this combination.

Can You Mix Red Bull and Whiskey

Can You Mix Red Bull and Whiskey?

Yes, you can mix Red Bull and whiskey. This combination is pretty well-known though it isn’t quite as popular as the Vodka Red Bull. But for fans of dark liquor, the Whiskey Red Bull is a fast favorite.

You won’t surprise a bartender if you ask for a Whiskey Red Bull or an “Irish Energy” (a version that uses Jameson Irish whiskey and Red Bull).

What Does a Red Bull and Whiskey Drink Taste Like?

If you enjoy the taste of whiskey, you’ll likely enjoy a Whiskey Red Bull mixed drink. The sugary Red Bull meshes well with the smokey vanilla notes of whiskey. Depending on how much Red Bull you choose to put in, the distinct energy drink flavor will linger in your drink, so keep that in mind if you don’t enjoy that flavor.

Is It Safe To Mix Whiskey and Red Bull?

Yes, mixing whiskey and Red Bull is safe if you drink it in moderation. Caffeine is a stimulant (meaning it wakes you up), and alcohol is a depressant (meaning it causes sleepiness), so the two effects can mix and confuse your internal system.

Remembering that Red Bull is an energy drink can help you stay on track and not become overwhelmed. Drinking four or five Red Bull cans at once isn’t healthy or recommended, so drinking four or five Red Bull cans’ worth of mixed drinks is not a good idea.

How To Mix Red Bull and Whiskey

The easiest and most common way to mix Red Bull and whiskey is to follow a ratio of 1:3. That ratio means one ounce of whiskey to three ounces of Red Bull.

You can pour the Red Bull and whiskey directly into your glass or, if you’re feeling fancy, pour the whiskey and Red Bull into a cocktail shaker filled with ice, then strain the liquid into a drinking glass.

What Whiskey to Use

Many different whiskeys are available, and they all come with distinct flavor profiles. There are four general categories of whiskey: bourbon, regional whiskey, rye, and scotch.

Here are some of the best whiskeys for mixing:


Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Bourbon is American-made whiskey that contains a minimum of 51% corn content. Bourbon must also age in new white oak barrels to fit in the category correctly.

The use of white oak barrels gives the bourbon a distinct and pleasing woody taste. Bourbon has a robust vanilla flavor and is a bit spicier than other varieties of whiskey.

Regional Whiskey

Jameson Irish Whiskey

Regional whiskey is a broad category because it includes subcategories like Irish Whiskey, Japanese Whiskey, Canadian Whiskey, Tennessee Whiskey, and other regional-specific whiskey categories.

Irish Whiskey is likely the most well-known example in this category. Irish Whiskey is less smokey than other types and has distinct honey and oak flavors.


Lost Republic Straight Rye Whiskey

Rye is another variety of American whiskey, but the composition sets it apart from bourbon. Rye whiskey must contain a minimum of 51% rye content. Rye is a grain closely related to wheat and barley.

Using rye rather than corn gives Rye Whiskey a lighter flavor than other versions of the drink. Rye also has a slightly bitter taste, similar to citrus.


Dewars Scotch Whisky

Scotch whiskey is a barley-derived drink that is made in Scotland. To count as scotch, the drink has to age for at least three years.

The aging gives scotch a robustly smoky flavor and a sweet, fruity, earthy taste.

How Many Whiskeys Will Get You Drunk?

The amount of alcohol it takes to get drunk varies, and many factors contribute to it. Body weight, age, medication, tolerance, and food/water intake can all affect how quickly you get drunk.

Taking straight shots of liquor or drinking a glass of straight whiskey will get you drunk faster than a mixed drink.

Whiskey is generally 40% ABV (alcohol by volume), and it takes 120 to 150 milliliters (about 4 to 5 ounces) for a grown adult, average-weight man to be drunk. This is equivalent to four shots of whiskey. People with a lower body weight will generally get drunk faster.

How Much Red Bull and Whiskey Mixture Will Get You Drunk?

As stated above, it takes about 120 to 150 milliliters (about 4 to 5 ounces) for an average adult man to get drunk. Using our 1:3 ratio from before, it takes four to five Whiskey Red Bull drinks to get drunk.

Here are some closely related questions regarding mixing Red Bull and whiskey.

What can I mix with whiskey?

Drinking whiskey straight is a great option, but many people prefer to pair this liquor with other drinks for a better experience.
Here are some of the most popular whiskey pairings:
Club soda
Ginger ale
Apple cider
Peach juice
Orange juice
Dark soda (Coke or Pepsi)

What alcohol is good with Red Bull?

Although we’ve discussed the combination of whiskey with Red Bull here, many other alcohols are frequently combined with the energy drink. The most well-known example is probably vodka and Red Bull.
Along with vodka and whiskey, these other alcoholic drinks are often combined with Red Bull:
White Rum
Triple Sec
Fruit Liqueur

Final Thoughts

A Whiskey Red Bull is a pretty popular nightclub drink for fans of dark liquor. Whether you prefer Irish whiskey or classic American rye whiskey, this combination is a classic for a reason.

Remember to drink in moderation because Red Bull is an energy drink, so keep your health in mind and always drink lots of water!

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