What To Mix With Jack Daniel’s Honey (10 Things)

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The wonderful world of whiskey has plenty of adventurous drinks that can be great for many settings. And with the new variations that bring a unique flavor to the table, it might leave you wondering what to mix with Jack Daniel’s Honey Whiskey.

Whip up the perfect game-day drink, go for a one-of-a-kind combination that brings you on a new adventure, or make a simple combination that’s the refreshing barbeque cocktail you’ve been searching for.

What To Mix With Jack Daniel's Honey (10 Things)

After reading this, you’ll have the perfect idea to mix with your Honey Whiskey.

10 Things To Mix With Jack Daniel’s Honey

Here are 10 amazing options for what to mix with Jack Daniel’s Honey.

1. Dr. Pepper

Dr. Pepper

Most people are familiar with the legendary Jack and Coke mixture. The one-of-a-kind Coke taste balances the whiskey flavor well. But when it comes to knowing what to mix with Jack Daniel’s Honey Whiskey, it’s time to take a different twist on this classic.

Instead of Coca-Cola, reach for the Dr. Pepper soda and a nice serving of ice plus a shot or two of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey. The unique blend of 23 flavors fuses with the sweeter Honey Whiskey in a special way.

It’s a memorable combination. Once you give it a try, you’ll never look back.

This cocktail is easy to make, refreshing, and sure to be a hit with almost anyone at the party. It works on blistering summer afternoons, alongside your favorite meal, or during the big game.

2. Warm Milk

 Warm Milk

Although dairy products aren’t often the first thought when looking for a good mixer, it’s not unheard of. After all, if you haven’t enjoyed a nice White Russian with vodka, Kahlua, and milk, you’re missing out.

The sweet honey-infused flavor of this whiskey is another example of a spirit that works very well with milk. Start by warming a small glass of your favorite milk, then add a little Jack Honey. That’s all you have to do!

If that doesn’t ramp up the flavor enough, add cocoa powder to the mix. Keep it light for a hint of chocolate, or go for a full serving like you would make hot chocolate.

Mixing Jack Daniel’s Honey Whiskey with milk is a great way to keep warm in the winter when the temperatures get chilly. It also makes the ideal fireside sipping companion.

3. Fresh Squeezed Lemonade

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade

When summer rolls around and the sun is shining, making fresh-squeezed lemonade is the best way to quench your thirst. It’s also a nice way to support the neighborhood kids who put out their little stands and get a taste of running a business.

No matter the source of your lemonade, you can turn it into an adult-only adventure by adding your desired amount of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Whiskey.

The tart lemonade pairs insanely well with the honey flavor, creating a concoction that will blow you away. It’s a great way to stay cool while standing next to the hot grill hosting the summer bash. But it also works as a simple everyday drink that does the trick.

4. Ginger Beer, Lime Juice, and Mint

Ginger Beer, Lime Juice, and Mint

You’ve likely seen this ingredient list paired with vodka and served in a copper mug. After all, it’s difficult to enter any trendy spot without seeing Moscow Mule on the drink list. And that’s for a good reason, it’s delicious.

But you don’t have to limit this combination to vodka. Change out the Moscow-based vodka in exchange for good ole Jack Daniel’s and you’ve got yourself a Whiskey Mule. Using Jack Daniel’s Honey Whiskey adds a slightly sweeter profile with a more complex flavor.

To make the flavor pop, muddle the mint leaves in the lime juice before adding the ginger beer and honey whiskey. And reaching for high-quality ginger beer can also be well worth the effort.

5. Orange Juice and Cranberry Juice

Orange Juice and Cranberry Juice

When the pigskin starts to fly, it’s time to break out the Fumble Punch. It’s one of the most popular drink recipes tailored for Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Whiskey. And it’s the game-day beverage you’ve been looking for.

Simple mix six parts Honey Whiskey with three parts orange juice and one part cranberry juice. Pour over a glass of ice and toss an orange slice on the rim to finish it.

In case you can’t tell from the recipe, this cocktail has some pretty serious heft. Even though Jack Daniel’s Honey Whiskey tastes amazing, it’s still a strong 35% ABV. If you want to sip on these all game without going overboard, a little sparkling water is up to the task.

6. Iced Tea

Iced Tea

Another summertime favorite, iced tea, is a great choice for what to mix with Jack Daniel’s Honey Whiskey. What’s so great about this drink is the versatility of the base.

Since honey-infused whiskey has a sweet taste, you can use healthy unsweetened tea to keep the sugar level low. But if you prefer to get hopped up on the good sugary stuff, adding this tasty whiskey to sweet tea works too.

To make this drink come alive, pair it with a flavored iced tea.

Many different fruit flavors go perfectly with the honey whiskey, especially lemon, peach, and raspberry. If you would eat the fruit with honey drizzled on top, it’s almost certain a tea with that flavor works as a base.

7. Fireball


When two worlds combine, the results can be extraordinary. And that’s what you get when you take this adventurous route and pair the cinnamon Fireball taste with the sweet Jack Daniel’s Honey.

If you want an even combination, that’s a good call. But don’t be afraid to customize it to your liking, ramping up the honey side for a sweeter take or dishing out more spice with more Fireball.

The two-ingredient shot can bring some life to the party, be poured up in seconds, and ensures everyone smiles. It takes two of the most popular modern whiskey flavors and brings them together in a memorable way.

Have what it takes to add a little spice to your sweets?

8. Grapefruit Juice and Soda

Grapefruit Juice and Soda

Head south of the border to find grapefruit juice and soda scattered across the landscape as the Paloma. While this Mexican cocktail typically features tequila, you can add a sweet twist by using Jack Honey Whiskey instead.

It might not be the first thing that comes to mind for what to mix with Jack Daniel’s Honey, but after taking a sip, it might head to the top of your list.

The tart grapefruit juice balances with the sweet whiskey for a balanced taste. And the soda water lets you enjoy it all day without overdoing it. Where the tequila adds a Mexican touch hard to replicate, the Honey Whiskey turns it into the American dream.

When you want the perfect party drink for nearly any occasion from the most relaxed to anything upscale, the Honey Whiskey Paloma hits the mark. It can be dressed up with a mint leaf garnish or sloppily put together in the trust red solo cups.

No matter what you choose, the Honey Whiskey Paloma is a treat that will get your guests going.

9. Ginger Ale

Ginger Ale

Whiskey and ginger ale are no strangers. The iconic duo is one of the great ways to make a quick cocktail with just ice, ginger ale, and whiskey. And when it comes to finding what to mix with Jack Daniel’s Honey Whiskey, this standby is another suitable option.

The honey in the special whiskey fuses with the ginger ale to create a flavor so good, you’ll think it came from an overpriced mixologist at the hippest spot in town. But instead, it’s just a quickly mixed soda and spirit poured over ice.

Since it takes seconds to create and has a great flavor, you’ll likely add this to the list of regular lineups for Jack Honey. It works as a late evening drink, at afternoon barbeques, and is even the perfect camping cocktail.

10. Cherry Coca-Cola

Cherry Coca-Cola

Some purists might not be so keen on messing with the classic Jack and Coke. But Coke gave the world a cherry-flavored version nearly 40 years ago, paving the way for new creations.

Jack Daniel’s took its time releasing the honey version in 2011 as the first new variation since 1988. Since these companies are venturing into new territory, why not leverage them to create new variations of our own?

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Whiskey mated with Cherry Coca-Cola brings these two incredible takes, blossoming into a new world of flavors. It’s a complex combination with undertones of the classic but now dressed up on multiple levels.

If you’re looking for something simple that doesn’t rock your tastebuds, go elsewhere. But when you want to jump on a rocket and go for a new adventure, here’s your ticket. It’ll send you into space.

Wrap-Up: What To Mix With Jack Daniel’s Honey

When figuring out what to mix with Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Whiskey, the options are limitless. Reach for Dr. Pepper, Ginger Ale, or Cherry Coca-Cola for a soda-infused drink that’s easy to make.

Or reach toward a more sophisticated touch that takes notes from other classics like the Moscow Mule’s ginger beer or Paloma’s grapefruit juice. And when you want to enter a new realm, go for unique mixes like warm milk, Fireball, or iced tea.

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