Was Mountain Dew Made for Whiskey?

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Whiskey and Mountain Dew seem like an unlikely duo because of their contrasting flavors and general stark differences. However, it has been mixed over the years, which is what we’ll discuss below. In this article, we will highlight the differences between the two, why people combine them and popular combinations of the two.

Was Mountain Dew Made for Whiskey?

Difference Between Mountain Dew and Whiskey

Mountain Dew and Whiskey are “feel good” drinks, mostly drunk during parties. However, they have stark differences. The main difference between the two drinks is that Mountain Dew is a non-alcoholic “soft” drink while Whiskey is an alcoholic “hard” drink. People don’t get intoxicated after drinking Mountain Dew, but with Whiskey, they do, which is what many adults enjoy about it.

Mountain Dew vs Whiskey Comparison Table

Category that differentiates the twoMountain DewA category that differentiates the two
Type of drinkCarbonated soft drinkDistilled alcoholic beverage
How it’s madeTop manufacturers include Beam SuntoryBrown FormanDiageoCampari Group and others.First, grains like barley and wheat are mashed and then fermented. After that, the product is distilled and aged in wooden barrels.
ManufacturerPepsicoTop manufacturers include: Beam SuntoryBrown FormanDiageoCampari Group and others.
Percentage of alcohol in it0%40-60% depending on the brand and fermented grains used.
TasteIngredients like carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, concentrated orange juice, citric acid, and natural flavors are combined.It entirely depends on the brand and the grains used. Typical tastes of whiskey are: SweetSmokyEarthySpicy
Cultural significancePart of mainstream cultureSweet and citrusy. The drink has traces of orange, lemon, and lime in it. People usually get a refreshed and energetic feeling after drinking.
The priceQuite affordable but varies from one place to another.More expensive than Mountain Dew but varies from one brand to another. It’s more costly because it takes longer to make and it’s limited.
Health benefitsBoosts energy levels.Reduces respiratory muscle fatigue.Has Vitamin B and C, which is good for the immune system.Alcohol poisoningNausea and vomitingHigh blood pressure high cholesterol heart disease liver disease depression and anxiety increase the risk of many types of cancer like mouth, liver, and colon. Decreases immunityPregnancy issues like premature birth.
Health hazardsLinked with traditional social gatherings and celebrations. Whiskey making was considered an art in the olden times.It’s a national pride.Mentioned in many songs and books.Increase sugar levelsHeighten depression symptomsDental problems like cavitiesHeart disease Increase cholesterol levels weight gain
How long it takes to be producedRelatively quick as it’s made by mixing several ingredients, carbonating it, then packaging and distributing.Takes a long time as a lot of steps are involved, like fermenting and mashing the grains. Then the product is distilled and aged, which can take years or decades.
Where it’s availableIn all stores, supermarkets or shops. There are no restrictions on where it’s available.Primarily found in liquor stores or bars, but can be found in supermarkets sometimes.
Who can consume itEveryoneThe age restriction on who can consume whiskey depends on the country. Some countries allow people above 18, while others allow people above 21 to drink it.

Why are Mountain Dew and Whiskey Mixed Together

Mountain Dew and Whiskey

Cocktails have gained popularity over the years, and people are always looking for something new to add to their drinks. While both drinks may look like a peculiar duo, it has been mixed together because of the following reasons:

  1. Because bartenders want to: Bartenders are always looking for something new to give to their customers, so they decided to experiment with Mountain Dew and Whiskey to see how they blend together. They’re always looking for something new to add to their cocktail menu.
  2. Contrasting tastes: Mountain Dew is sweet and citrusy, while whiskey has a strong, earthy, and spicy flavor. Those who mix both drinks seek to balance both flavors and get a “middle ground” flavor. It’s perfect for those who don’t like too sweet or too strong drinks.
  3. Making the old new: Whiskey has been there over the years, while Mountain Dew is a new drink. Combining the two creates a modern version of Whiskey.
  4. The mixture consists of cost-friendly and readily available ingredients:  Mountain Dew, and Whiskey are friendly to one’s pockets and can be found worldwide in various stores.
  5. Mountain Dew was initially created to be a whiskey mixer: The creators found it hard to find any soda that mixed well with whiskey, which is why they created a perfect formulation that complimented the alcoholic beverage.

Well-known Whiskey and Mountain Dew combinations

CombinationsIngredientsGarnishProcess of making it
Dew-Old FashionedWhiskey Ice Mountain DewCherry or orange twistMake an old-fashioned whiskey like you would typically but substitute the syrup with Mountain Dew and add ice. Lastly, garnish it.
Dew-JulepWhiskey Crushed ice Mountain Dew Mint leaves Dash of bittersMint sprigCombine the ingredients, then stir and garnish the drink.
Dew-SourWhisky Mountain Dew Fresh lemon juice Syrup IceCherry or lemon wedgeCombine all the ingredients (except ice) and shake them with ice. Then strain it into a glass with ice cubes. Garnish and serve the drink.
Dew-ManhattanWhiskey Mountain Dew Ice Sweet Vermouth Dash of bittersCherryPour all the ingredients (except ice and Mountain Dew) into a mixing glass. Then stir it with ice and strain it into a glass. Then add the soft drink and garnish it.
Dew-Whiskey SmashWhiskey Mountain Dew Lemon juice Mint leavesMint sprigMix up all the ingredients in a shaker glass. Shake them and strain the drink into a glass. Lastly, garnish it.


“Weird” combinations usually bring out the best of blends; one of them is Mountain Dew and Whiskey. Your ancestors may be rolling over their graves over the idea of mixing Mountain Dew and Whiskey, but it has become popular among the youth. The contrasting flavors are what make it a crowd favorite.

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