12 Best Non-Grain Vodka for Acid Reflux (Alcoholic Drink)

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People suffering from GERD should follow dietary restrictions to keep the disease under control. That’s especially true of most liquors, which can worsen acid reflux.

The reason for the heartburn is mainly due to the grains from which alcohol is made. It makes your stomach produce more acid. So GERD patients have a limited choice of alcohol.

But the solution can be liquors distilled from fruits, as they’re easier on your stomach. In this article, we will recommend 12 non-grain vodka drinks for people with acid reflux.

12 Best Non-Grain Vodka for Acid Reflux

Non-Grain Vodka Alcoholic Drink for Acid Reflux

  • Smirnoff No. 21 Classic Vodka
  • Titos’ Handmade Vodka
  • Crystal Head Vodka
  • Kissui Vodka
  • Ciroc Vodka
  • Luksusowa Vodka
  • Cayman Blue Vodka
  • Devotion Vodka
  • Dixie Vodka
  • Cold River Vodka
  • Iceberg Vodka
  • Kleiner Feigling vodka

1. Smirnoff No. 21 Classic Vodka

Smirnoff No. 21 Classic Vodka

Smirnoff is synonymous with vodka, and this brand didn’t disappoint when it came to grain- and gluten-free options for people with acid reflux. Their vodkas are affordable and can be found in a wide variety of flavors, and that’s the case with Smirnoff No. 21 Classic vodka.

The basis of this vodka is non-GMO corn, which means it’s completely grain-free. After three-time distillations and as many as ten filtrations, the end result is a smooth spirit with a zesty taste that people with GERD can drink neat but also in cocktails like Bloody Marry.

2. Titos’ Handmade Vodka

 Titos’ Handmade Vodka

Tito’s handmade vodka proves that even budget-friendly spirits can have an extraordinary taste. The base consists of yellow corn distilled in copper vessels, not once, but ten times. It gives it a smooth finish and makes this liquor smooth and drinkable, so it doesn’t cause stomach issues and unpleasant throat tingling.

The manufacturer claims they don’t add even a little mash to the distilled product, which the GFCO certificate confirms. That means Tito’s handmade vodka is completely gluten-free.

3. Crystal Head Vodka

Crystal Head Vodka

You may have noticed the unique skull-shaped bottle in liquor stores, but this vodka is more than just nicely designed. The mixture of organic peaches and corn gives it a unique flavor. Spring water, with which the producer dilutes it provides lightness and purity.

Peaches make Crystal Head vodka juicy with a touch of citrusy aroma, while corn is responsible for the creaminess. Sevenfold distillation binds these ingredients into a perfect whole. So you can enjoy this vodka without fear of heartburn, and if you serve it to your friends in its unique packaging, it’ll definitely be the star of the show.

4. Kissui Vodka

Kissui Vodka

This drink comes from Japan, and its main ingredient is rice, which makes it unique among this list. The spring water from mountain sources brings a smooth texture, and the specialized distillation process makes it extra pure and enjoyable.

Kissui vodka is on the higher end of the price range for these spirits, but the price justifies the quality. It’s an excellent choice for people with GERD to drink with or without mixers, and it’s definitely something to try.

5. Ciroc Vodka

Ciroc Vodka

Another vodka that stands out with its unique base – grapes. That fruity scent reaches your nose before the first sip, so this liquor is the best when drunk neat, with just a touch of lemon zest and a few ice cubes. But it can also be a best friend to citrusy cocktails.

The French make Ciroc vodka using techniques learned from centuries of wine production. In addition to plain, they also offer flavored grain-free vodkas. The price makes this spirit premium, so if you want to try something extraordinary that won’t trigger acid reflux, Ciroc it is.

6. Luksusowa Vodka

Luksusowa Vodka

Another “foreigner” on this list of grain-free vodkas for acid reflux is Luksusowa vodka. This Polish brand represents this potato-based liquor in the best light, with a smooth and a bit oily texture and a flavor that gently embraces your palate.

This budget-friendly liquor is great for people with GERD. Beginners will love it because it’s clean, light, and great for martinis. Seasoned drinkers will enjoy it even more, discovering new taste levels with earthy and slightly herbal notes sip after sip.

7. Cayman Blue Vodka

Cayman Blue Vodka

Cayman Blue vodka broke the ice for gluten-free liquors when it became the first GFCO-certified vodka. This liquor comes from the Caribbean, and it’s an old family recipe that dates back to the twenties of the last century.

The basis of this vodka is sugar cane distilled with soft spring water. The unique ingredient brings sweetness to the fore, making it drinkable and light. An opulent aftertaste with tropical notes will delight everyone’s palate. It has no grains, so if you suffer from acid reflux, you can enjoy Cayman Blue vodka guilt-free.

8. Devotion Vodka

Devotion Vodka

Devotion vodka features an entire line of grain-free liquors in as many as seven different flavors. These corn-based spirits are an excellent choice for GERD sufferers but also for all those who want to try something unique.

What makes this drink special is the addition of casein, a milk-derived protein that improves its texture. And that might also be the reason behind a cocoa-like aftertaste and the absence of that specific ethanol scent that first comes to your nose with most vodkas.

9. Dixie Vodka

Dixie Vodka

A multi-award-winning spirit from South Carolina, Dixie Vodka is a classic representative of this region. Corn base makes it gluten-free and suitable for GERD sufferers.

You can drink Dixie vodka plain to embrace its clean and creamy taste. But if you want to add some taste to your cocktail, you can opt for flavored vodkas that are also gluten-free. The selection is diverse, from pepper and mint-flavored to citrusy oranges and honey-flavored spirits.

10. Cold River Vodka

Cold River Vodka

If you strive for a handcrafted spirit of genuine taste, Cold River vodka should be on your list. This potato-based, triple-distilled vodka from Maine will soon become one of your favorites, primarily because of the earthy note that makes it sophisticated.

Cold River Vodka in cocktails takes it to the next level because it adds complexity and makes other mixers alive. A special treat is blueberry-flavored Cold Water Vodka. Its fruity yet a bit bitter taste is self-sufficient, so you need nothing else than maybe an ice cube to enjoy it.

11. Iceberg Vodka

Iceberg Vodka

Water from mountain springs makes vodka light. But water from mountain glaciers combined with organic corn, embodied in Iceberg vodka, is a whole new level. Its sweet, vanilla-like flavor blooms when you drink it chilled or in a mojito. But don’t think it lacks tanginess, as a peppery aroma strikes from the shadow.

Iceberg vodka might be the best bang for your buck because the price-quality ratio is excellent. For a reasonable price, you get grain- and gluten-free liquor that’s in no way inferior to premium spirits.

12. Kleiner Feigling Vodka

Kleiner Feigling Vodka

This brand walks a fine line between vodka and a liqueur, so many call it vodka-based fig-flavored liquor. As it’s made of figs and has lower alcohol content, it’s mild, easy to drink, and super sweet.

Due to its smooth sweetness, all it takes is a few ice cubes for complete enjoyment in Kleiner Feigling vodka. As a drawback, drinkers point out this tasty liquor disappears from stock fast.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Vodka Safe for People With GERD?

Vodkas that aren’t grain-based are low in calories and contain fewer carbs, meaning they have no sugars that trigger acid production in your stomach. Along with non-grain vodkas, you can drink whiskey, tequila, gin, and light beer in moderate amounts if you suffer from acidic reflux.

What Can I Mix With Grain-Free Vodka If I Have GERD?

Non-grain vodkas are excellent for cocktails, but you need to be careful with other mixers. The best choice is distilled spirits like gin and tequila and low-acid fruit juices that won’t disturb the level of stomach acid. These are apple or watermelon juice and freshly squeezed vegetable juices from sorghum and beetroot.


If you want to keep your GERD under control, there’s no other way than to adhere to nutrition guidelines. But it doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself from time to time. This list of the 12 best non-grain vodkas proves you can enjoy your favorite liquor without disturbing your stomach.

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