12 Best Cheap Irish Whiskey

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People praise Irish whiskey for its smooth yet distinct nature, and it’s also associated with centuries-old traditions. But some people, even whiskey enthusiasts, might wonder what the difference is between affordable and high-end varieties.

12 Best Cheap Irish Whiskey

The purpose of this article is twofold: 1) to convey the difference between cheap and luxury whiskeys and 2) to showcase the budget-friendly yet satisfying, high-quality ones with a list of the 12 best cheap Irish whiskeys.

Difference Between Cheap Irish Whiskey and Expensive Irish Whiskey

Besides just price range, the main difference between cheap and expensive Irish whiskey is the quality of ingredients, production, maturation, and branding.


High-end Irish whiskeys involve carefully selected ingredients, e.g., the most premium barley or spring- or river-sourced waters. Alternatively, cheaper brands may involve blended grains or slightly lower-quality ingredients, impacting the final taste and flavor complexity.


Furthermore, expensive whiskeys tend to have more time-intensive production processes, such as longer fermentation periods, a series of distillations, or meticulous temperature control.

Cheaper alternatives prioritize cost-effective production, which compromises premium flavor depth or nuance but still has delightful results.


Maturation is another way that cheap and pricey Irish whiskeys differ. Expensive varieties usually have more extended time aging in oak casks, giving the whiskey more time to soak in the aromas and flavors from the wood over time.


Another important factor differentiating whiskeys is the branding, which goes beyond just the label on the bottle. Branding is the umbrella term for the whiskey’s reputation, legacy, heritage, marketing, exclusivity, and overall perception and prestige.

These factors can significantly impact the divide between cheap and expensive Irish whiskeys.


And, of course, the most obvious difference between cheap and expensive whiskey is the price range. What people consider cheap Irish whiskey usually ranges from $20 to $40 per 750ml bottle.

On the other side, expensive Irish whiskeys typically start around $50 or $60 per 750ml bottle.

They can go up to several hundred or even thousands of dollars, especially for rare or limited-edition bottles, notably aged expressions or whiskies from particularly renowned distilleries.

Cheap Whiskey Vs. Expensive Whiskey Comparison Table

 Cheap Irish WhiskeyExpensive Irish Whiskey
IngredientsLower quality (e.g., blended grains)Higher quality (e.g., premium barley)
ProductionCost-efficient and time-savingTime-intensive
MaturationEfficient and time-savingExtended, complexity-focused
BrandingStraightforward, consumer-focusedReputable, legacy-focused
Price$20-$40$50 and beyond

12 Best Cheap Irish Whiskey

While the differences between affordable and luxury Irish whiskey can be notable, it’s worth mentioning that personal preference plays a vital role in the overall enjoyment of a whiskey.

Some affordable Irish whiskeys may surprise you with their exceptional quality and flavor profiles. They offer an accessible entry point to enjoying Irish whiskey.

So, here are the 12 best cheap Irish whiskey brands that deserve a spot on your shelf!

1. Jameson Irish Whiskey

Jameson Irish Whiskey

A classic, well-loved, and cherished Irish whiskey, Jameson is renowned for its exceptional smoothness and balanced flavor profile – especially for the price.

This iconic blend entices whiskey lovers and casual drinkers with delicate hints of vanilla, complemented by subtle notes of toasted wood.

You can enjoy Jameson neat, on the rocks, or classic cocktails such as an Old Fashioned or a Whiskey Sour.

2. Powers Gold Label

Powers Gold Label

Powers Gold Label is a full-flavored Irish whiskey that stimulates the palate with its bold, robust character. This whiskey bursts with a delightful spiciness that intertwines with the luscious flavors of sweet orchard fruits.

The addition of the honeyed malt note adds depth, making it one of the best cheap Irish Whiskey brands for sipping on neat to fully appreciate its intricate flavors.

For those seeking a compelling pairing, we recommend savoring Powers alongside a slice of apple pie or pairing it with sharp cheddar cheese for a memorable tasting experience.

3. Glendalough Double Barrel

Glendalough Double Barrel

Glendalough Double Barrel is a truly captivating whiskey that undergoes a unique maturation process in both bourbon and sherry casks. This “dual cask” finish promotes a tasty fusion of flavors to the whiskey.

When sipping Glendalough, you’ll be greeted with the inviting aromas of vanilla while the palate delights in the nuances of dried fruits and a subtle hint of spice.

Further, Glendalough’s well-rounded nature makes it a wonderful option to drink alongside dark chocolate or a varied cheese platter, enhancing the whiskey’s exquisite flavors.

4. Slane Irish Whiskey

Slane Irish Whiskey

Slane Irish Whiskey is another budget-friendly yet exciting whiskey with intriguing layers of flavor.

This blend is created using a unique triple cask maturation process, aged in virgin oak, seasoned whiskey barrels, and Oloroso sherry casks.

The result is a decadent whiskey that’s a bit on the pricier side for cheap whiskey but well worth the few extra bucks. Whether you’re savoring a moment of relaxation or celebrating with friends, Slane is a fantastic option for those seeking a timeless whiskey experience.

5. Clontarf 1014

 Clontarf 1014

If you’re hoping to find a true Irish whiskey bargain, Clontarf 1014 is an exceptional choice. This blend offers smooth and sweet flavors of honeycomb, complemented by notes of wood, spice, and a fruity finish.

Clontarf 1014 is an easy-drinking whiskey that you can enjoy with your favorite mixers like Coke or ginger ale or just on its own.

No matter how you drink it, Clontarf 1014 is one of the best cheap whiskeys available due to its notable complexity.

6. Bushmills Original

Bushmills Original

Bushmills Original offers a delightful expression, embodying the essence of beloved Irish whiskey traditions. This whiskey has a rich and fruity character, with subtle notes of honey that add a touch of sweetness and enhance the overall complexity.

You can sip Bushmills Original neat or on the rocks, and it’s a versatile whiskey that’s suitable for various occasions with its smooth and approachable nature. For example, it goes swimmingly with cocktails like an Irish Mule or a Whiskey Smash.

Also, if you like Jameson, some argue that Bushmills Original is slightly more complex and also a touch smoother than its popular competitor.

7. The Irishman Founder’s Reserve

The Irishman Founder's Reserve

Smooth and well-balanced, The Irishman Founder’s Reserve is an elegant and charismatic whiskey.

The flavor profile of The Irishman Founder’s Reserve includes indulgent notes of creamy toffee, an interplay of gentle spices that add depth and complexity, and a subtle hint of fruit for a refreshing touch.

We recommend sipping this whiskey during contemplative, relaxing moments, as it’s ideal for unwinding and savoring life’s simple pleasures.

You can also pair The Irishman with a piece of high-quality dark chocolate or a cozy evening by the fireplace to fully appreciate its delightful nuances.

8. Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey

Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey

Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey is a notably smooth, creamy whiskey. Its velvety texture caresses the palate while revealing gentle notes of caramel, offering a slightly sweet and indulgent overall experience.

Subtle hints of malt make it more complex, as well as a delicate touch of refreshing citrus notes.

Kilbeggan is associated with both relaxing, quiet moments and vibrant, shared conversations with the cherished company. Kilbeggan pairs wonderfully with a slice of homemade caramel cake or a charcuterie board featuring creamy cheeses.

Ultimately, every sip of Kilbeggan can transport you to a moment of blissful indulgence!

9. Paddy Irish Whiskey

 Paddy Irish Whiskey

Paddy, loved and respected due to its approachable character, offers a smooth and light-hearted whiskey for all.

Its delightful, refreshing notes greet the palate with honey flavors, infusing each sip with a natural sweetness. Plus, subtle nuances of vanilla harmonize with delicate spice, creating a playful twist that works swimmingly in a lively pub atmosphere.

Overall, Paddy Irish Whiskey is the perfect mate for fun-filled gatherings and shared moments of joy and laughter. We recommend allowing Paddy Irish Whiskey’s easy-drinking nature to enliven your spirits as you create hilarious memories.

10. McConnell’s Irish Whisky

McConnell's Irish Whisky

Notably aged five years in former bourbon barrels, McConnell’s Irish Whiskey is surprisingly affordable at under $40.

It offers an unmatched deep oak woodiness and subtle sweetness, thanks to vanilla and ripe fruit notes that linger on the tongue following each sip.

Some citrus notes are also mixed into McConnell’s whiskey, promoting a revitalizing feel.

11. Teeling Small Batch

Teeling Small Batch Irish Whiskey

Teeling Small Batch beckons with a unique and alluring Irish whiskey experience.

Its entrancing flavor profile intertwines the tropical sweetness of exotic fruits with a tantalizing spice. Additionally, subtle hints of vanilla add a touch of warmth and richness, ideal for cozy autumn evenings.

We recommend pouring a glass of Teeling during festive gatherings or as a comforting companion on chilly nights, as it perfectly captures the spirit of celebration and embraces the joy of shared moments – especially if you add a dash of warm cinnamon!

12. Tullamore D.E.W.

Tullamore D.E.W.

Tullamore D.E.W., a highly rated, triple-distilled blend, unfolds a light and citrusy profile with a distinct, refreshing vibrancy.

Soft vanilla cream caresses the senses while the essence of toasted oak lingers in the background, reminiscent of aged barrel wood.

Tullamore D.E.W. is the perfect choice for date nights or intimate gatherings, perhaps due to its caramel-like toffee notes. Additionally, this is one of the best cheap Irish whiskeys to enjoy straight, without any distractions, allowing you to soak in its gentle complexities.

Final Word

You don’t have to own loads of money to enjoy a nice glass of Irish whiskey now and then. Not all Irish whiskey is created equal, but you don’t have to resort to the bottom of the barrel in terms of taste in order to save money.

Sure – there are some distinct differences between cheap and expensive whiskey. However, if you choose from this list of the 12 best cheap Irish whiskeys, you won’t be disappointed.

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