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You’ve probably searched for eggnog recipes if you love classic cocktails. Bourbons have become popular with eggnog mainly because of their tasteful and flavorful nature. As one of the smoothest whisky varieties, bourbon will make perfect eggnog.

Unlike other whiskies, bourbons have various inherent flavors, including vanilla, spices, and honey. They will produce a complex flavor that is not overpowering, making them a popular choice for eggnog.

With numerous bourbon brands in the market, choosing the best bourbons with a sweet aftertaste can be challenging. We’ve compiled the best bourbons for eggnog to make your Christmas and Thanksgiving special.

1. Maker’s Mark Bourbon Whisky

Maker's Mark Bourbon Whisky

Made from soft red winter wheat, Maker’s Mark Bourbon Whisky is a full-flavored bourbon with an easy finish. The whisky is made with corn and malted barley, which are behind its sweet and creamier taste. The whisky boasts a moderate dark caramel and grainy fragrance. The dry grassiness and nuttiness make it unique from other whiskies.

The easy-to-drink whisky comes with classic bourbon flavors with a noticeable fruit taste. You may notice the fruit flavors in the entire sup, but traces of black pepper will add a unique spiciness to the drink.

Sweetness and varying notes of vanilla will greet you once you open this whisky. While the bourbon has a strong smell, it also has an ethanol smell that dissipates over time.

Maker’s Mark Bourbon Whisky will make the perfect eggnog and is also an excellent choice for Manhattan drinks.

2. Old Grand Dad Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Old Grand Dad Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

The traditional whiskey is one of the oldest brands from James B. Beam Distilling Company. Old Grand Dad boasts vanilla traces and caramel, forming a spicy base. The bourbon has a 27% rye mash bill, essential in amplifying the spice notes.

In addition, the Old Grand Dad offers exceptional quality bourbon at a friendly price point. The bourbon shares a mash bill with Basil Hayden’s, but it comes at a lower price.

3. Colonel E.H. Taylor Warehouse Tornado Surviving

Colonel E.H. Taylor Warehouse Tornado Surviving

Although it’s one of the most expensive eggnog bourbons, it’s still a popular choice among whisky lovers. Colonel E.H. Taylor will make the perfect cocktail with the right amount of cream and milk. In addition, the bourbon has a lingering mouthfeel and graham cracker notes. You’ll love the heavy rye mash and barrels between nine and eleven years old.

As one would expect with a 100 proof, Colonel E.H Taylor has a good weight on the tongue. It’s also well-balanced compared to 90-proof category bourbons. The lovely wood tones make the bourbon amazingly enjoyable. The simplicity and sweetness render the bourbon flavor distinct and elegant.

The layers of confectioners sugar throughout the drink gives every sip a unique texture. On the other hand, the soft notes of tarragon make the whisky different from most Taylor releases.

4.  Wild Turkey Bourbon 81 Proof

Wild Turkey Bourbon 81 Proof

You’ll love Wild Turkey Bourbon 81 Proof because of its easy-going experience and strong taste that mixes easily with many cocktails. The bourbon has a sweet mint and spice-like flavor, followed by a carbon aftertaste.

The first impression of this bourbon is the corn sweetness backed by vanilla and mint flavor. All flavors on this whisky are well presented, including the standard caramels and toasted nuts. Things will get more interesting when the first sip hits your tongue, with orange being the main flavor. The citrus-y orange flavor is more overpowering than anything else.

The high rye whisky isn’t too peppery, but you’ll feel a twinge of pepper. The caramel sweetness will remain even after swallowing the whisky. Although the bourbon isn’t velvety, the end finish is perfect. While the alligator barrel isn’t the first thing you’ll smell after opening your bottle, you might notice a mellow smokiness at one point.

5. Four Roses Bourbon

Four Roses Yellow Label Bourbon

The smooth-tasting notes on Four Roses Bourbon will add sophistication to your eggnog. The caramel and butterscotch aromas make it a great choice for eggnog. The decent bourbon boasts a long and soft finish with a mix of herbal licorice.

Four Roses Bourbon is ideal for easy drinking and mixing at home because most of its flavors will last long. Light fruit notes are the main component on the bourbon nose, while dried apricots and lavender are still noticeable. You will also notice light spices together with hints of fresh oak. The well-constructed aroma will be perfect, especially if you’re making eggnog.

Spices in Four Roses Bourbon become prominent as the finish progresses. Fruit and floral flavors are the main highlights on every sip, but they might fade if you add brown sugar. While the end product might not leave a lasting impression, the taste on every sip will last longer than expected.

Four Roses Bourbon is on the spot with its unique tasting notes featuring floral and fresh fruit. Four Roses have more herbal and tropical traits than other bourbons.

6.  Angel’s Envy Bourbon

Angel’s Envy Bourbon

The well-rounded bourbon is made with many dried fruits behind its unique aroma and taste. With traces of light oak and vanilla, you can’t resist a sip of Angel’s Envy Bourbon.

The scents on this bourbon are light; thus, the 86.6 proof has no considerable difference. In addition, the flavors on Angel’s Envy are nice, and the muted vanilla greatly impacts its mouthfeel.

The rye spice hints don’t fade even after being left open for a long time. The oak flavors on this bourbon are one of the most memorable parts of every sip. The fading spices make you want to drink more of it every time. Most people love this drink because of its wonderful balance from start to finish.

In addition, the bourbon has a high concentration of honey and orange, which makes it even more sweet when combined with vanilla buttercream and mint flavors. The freshly cut wood scents on this bourbon add musty notes, while the red grapes make it gentler.

7. Wild Turkey Rare Breed Bourbon

Wild Turkey Rare Breed Bourbon

While Wild Turkey Rare Breed Bourbon may not be affordable like other bourbons on this list, its list of flavors is impressive. The bourbon features multiple flavors, including caramel, pepper, and toffee. Traces of cinnamon will give your eggnog a unique taste.

The seasoned oak and light citrus combine perfectly with caramel but don’t overpower it. The overall aroma of Wild Turkey Rare Breed is interesting, and the bourbon’s proof is noticeable. The presence of maple sugar and sweet spices gives this bourbon a long-lasting impression.

The best part of a sip on this bourbon is the candy temper and tobacco flavors. All the finish hits have great intensity and multiple flavors.

8. Evan Williams Black Label Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Evan Williams Black Label Kentucky Straight Bourbon

With deep vanilla and mint, Evan Williams Black Label is undoubtedly one of the best eggnog bourbons. You will find light scents of orange zest waft at the top and scents of oak and vanilla underneath. It’s important to note that the scents on this bourbon are light, making it difficult to notice them.

The slight rye spice is the perfect midpoint, especially with the bourbon high-proof. Evan Williams Black Label is full of character and will leave you impressed with its fruity and herbal flavor. Sometimes, you’ll feel the presence of cinnamon, caraway seeds, and sliced red apples. Evan Williams Black Label will provide a finish that is perfect for anyone.

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