12 Corn-Based Vodka You Should Try

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Vodka is a staple bottle for those who prefer versatile spirits with mild, nuanced flavors. While potatoes, rye, and wheat have been widely used to make vodka, the popularity of corn-based vodkas is on the rise.

Corn makes full-bodied spirits with sweet, buttery tastes. It’s an excellent choice for making cocktails, including the martini, Moscow mule, Bloody Mary, and Sea Breeze. But which corn vodka fits your occasion? We have hand-picked 12 corn-based vodkas you should try.

1. Deep Eddy Vodka

Deep Eddy Vodka is an American-based vodka with a distillery in Austin, where you can find the Deep Eddy Pool. This freshwater swimming hole is the oldest in Texas and inspires its vodka’s namesake.

The distiller uses 100% pure corn, natural flavors, and Texas water to create a smooth, clean vodka with an award-winning taste. The spirit is column-distilled ten times and filtered gently using charcoal before adding Texas water. Deep Eddy Vodka comes in various flavors, including peach, ruby red, original, sweet tea, lemon, and cranberry.

The spirit is light and soft on the palate with a mildly sweet undertone. If you don’t prefer spirits with overbearing flavors, Deep Eddy Vodka can be your best choice. You’ll detect a hint of bitterness, but the drink goes down smoothly. You can drink Deep Eddy Vodka straight up or mix it with lemon juice and soda.

2. Tito’s Handmade Vodka

Like the Deep Eddy Vodka, Tito’s Handmade Vodka is an American-based spirit manufactured in Austin, Texas. Its distiller is a Texas native, Bertito “Tito” Beveridge, who established the first legal distillery within the state. Tito’s vodka has been in the market since 1997. Today, it has sold millions of bottles, making it one of the top-selling vodka brands in the US.

The spirit is made from 100% corn to offer a gluten-free drink. It’s distilled six times in copper pot stills to retain its traditional smooth and clean finish. Drinkers interested in unflavored spirits can opt for this drink. Tito’s delivers a grainy sweetness to the palate that results from the corn-based earthiness.

You can pair this spirit with other spicy mixers, including red bull, soda, sparkling water, lime, orange, ginger beer, and cranberry juice.

3. Crystal Head Vodka

Crystal Head Vodka is an American-based brand with a distiller in California. The Newfound Distillery Company uses sweet corn and Canadian crystalline water to distill this vodka four times.

It’s then filtered seven times through quartz crystals known as Herkimer diamonds. The vodka gets packed in a unique crystal skull bottle designed by John Alexander.

The clean, clear, colorless Crystal Head Vodka makes for an easy finish. It’s an excellent choice for drinkers interested in a neutral grain aroma and a touch of citrus. Flavorwise, the spirit has hints of vanilla and tropical notes but gets paired with herbaceous savoriness.

When sipping Crystal Vodka, you’ll detect a sweet, creamy finish. The spirit can blend well with fruit juices and fever-tree mixers and garnish with fresh lime to create your favorite cocktail.

4. Prairie Organic Vodka

Drinking Prairie Organic Vodka is drinking sustainably. This spirit is American-based, with its distillery in Princeton, Minnesota. It’s made from non-GMO organic corn and column-distilled to create a pure, luscious spirit.

Distillers harvest corn and take it to a co-op farm for milling, mashing, and fermenting. The fermented mash goes to the Prairie distillery. Afterward, the Guardians of Prairie taste-test each batch to ensure it reaches perfection. 

Sipping Prairie Organic Vodka offers hints of pear and melon on your nose and creaminess on your palate. It’s ideal for vodka drinkers looking for bright corn undertones to sip neat or create cocktails. The spirit blends well with fruit juices, sparkling water, and fruit slices for garnish.

5. Smirnoff No.21 Vodka

Smirnoff No.21 Vodka is the world’s best-selling vodka, prized for its versatility, neutral flavor, and easy-drinking mouthfeel. It’s one of our 12 corn-based vodkas that blends with almost anything. The British Company Diageo owns and produces this vodka, among other Smirnoff products.

While the Smirnoff No. 21 Vodka company is based in England, the spirit has its roots in Russia. It was first produced in Moscow, Russia, in 1864 by Pyotr Arsenievich Smirnov. Today, producers distribute this spirit to over 130 countries.

Smirnoff No.21 Vodka gets made from non-GMO corn, distilled three times, and filtered ten times to achieve smoothness and a dry finish. The spirit has an aroma of creamed corn with citrus and charcoal hints and black pepper backing.

Smirnoff No. 21 Vodka offers a creamier mouthfeel and minty undertones when sipped. You can pair the spirit in any cocktail to achieve your favorite flavors.

6. UV Vodka

UV Vodka is another American-made vodka that features on our list. Its distiller uses yellow corn grown in Missouri, Iowa, and Illinois and all-natural flavors. The vodka is distilled four times and diluted with purified water from deep aquifers in Minnesota.

Unlike other vodkas in the market, UV Vodka has rich, vibrant colors, and with exposure to UV sunlight exposure, the bottle takes on a bright spectrum of colors. Its vibrant colors come with multiple flavors, including fruit and food flavors.

You can drink UV Vodka as a shot or mix it with lemonade, lemon-lime soda, sparkling water, and ice to create your favorite cocktail.

7. Dixie Vodka

Dixie Vodka is an American-based craft spirit manufactured in Charleston, South Carolina. Dixie Vodka is often regarded as the best of Southern craftsmanship, flavor, and hospitality. The vodka is the largest craft vodka in the Southeast and one of America’s fastest-growing craft vodka brands.

Dixie Vodka is pure corn, distilled six times. It’s clear in color with the aromas of a mountain stream, lemon loaf, pine, and poppy seeds. It combines a vibrant and gentle sweetness with a pleasant cornmeal hint. On the tongue, the vodka feels silky and light.

Blend Dixie Vodka with mixers such as lemon, cocktail sauce, oyster, sweet tea, ice, or mint leaves to create the best cocktail.

8. Frankly Organic Vodka

Frankly Organic Vodka is another spirit whose production observes strict sustainability practices. The vodka is American-based, with its distillery in Austin, Texas. It uses 100% USDA-certified organic sweet corn grown without pesticides, chemicals, and artificial fertilizers.

Frankly Organic Vodka is distilled five times, then charcoal filtered twice to offer a clean, smooth and sweet spirit. Distillers add complexity to this spirit by using cinnamon, wild cherry bark, cayenne pepper, ginger, and turmeric.

The spirit offers flavors such as organic apple, strawberry, pomegranate, and grapefruit. You can use a variety of mixers, such as soda, cranberry juice, fresh blueberries, basil, lemon juice, or lemon slices, for a flavorful cocktail.

9. Crop Organic Vodka

Crop Organic Vodka is one of our top 12 corn-based vodkas you should try, thanks to its refreshingly clear and pure taste. It’s a USDA-certified and gluten-free vodka that can make a staple drink for any eco-conscious vodka drinker.

Distillers use 100% organic corn to enhance sustainability. Distillation is so perfect that the spirit doesn’t require charcoal filtering or carbon treatment to achieve its taste.

Crop Organic Vodka is unflavored and bottled at 80 proof. For drinkers interested in flavored versions of this vodka, Meyer Lemon and Cucumber expressions can make the best choices. For creative cocktails, mix this spirit with lemonade, fruit juices, soda, lemon, blackberries, and grapefruit wedges.

10. Cutler’s Vodka

Cutler’s vodka is a distinctly-made American vodka from Santa Barbara, California. The vodka gets made from locally-produced pure corn that’s GMO-free and distilled seven times. Producers use charred coconut husks to remove unwanted impurities left after distillation. As a result of this rigorous process, this spirit is spotless and smooth.

Cutler’s vodka is ideal for drinkers interested in highly mixable spirits with a corn flavor and light sweetness. You can use Cutler’s Vodka for your favorite cocktails, a chilled martini, or over the rocks with a twist.

11. Big Spring Vodka

Big Spring Vodka is an American-made vodka brand based in the heart of Central Pennsylvania. This brand uses locally produced corn and the water from Bellefonte’s Big Spring (an award-winning water in the state that rivals Kentucky’s limestone spring waters).

The spirit offers earthy notes reminiscent of barley and rye. Big Spring Vodka has sweet corn flavors topped with mineral tastes, thanks to the award-winning water from Pennsylvania. When mixed with other drinks, the spirit makes an elegant partner, but you can have it solo in a martini.

12. Social House Vodka

Social House Vodka is an American-made vodka primarily distributed in North Carolina. Like Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Social House Vodka is distilled in a traditional pot still to produce small vodka batches. Distillers use North Carolina well water to dilute the vodka resulting in a pure farm-to-bottle formula.

Social House Vodka offers a clean taste with sweet, buttery undertones when sipped. You can also mix it with various ingredients such as lemon juice, grapefruit juice, water, ginger simple syrup, sugar, ginger slice, pear slice, ice, salt, and pepper to craft your favorite cocktail.

Final Thoughts

Vodka can be an excellent drink for anyone who prefers spirits that blend well with other ingredients to create unique cocktails. Whether you prefer sweeter flavors with spicy, savory tastes or unflavored spirits, our list has the best 12 corn-based vodkas you should try.

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