Kentucky Mule Cocktail Recipe

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Don’t think of the Kentucky Mule as one of the most popular Moscow Mule variations. This cocktail can hold its own and quickly become your go-to drink, as long as you can mix it right.

Kentucky Mule

Check out this article to learn how to make the perfect Kentucky mule at home.

How to Make a Classic Kentucky Mule

Kentucky Mule

The Kentucky Mule is a bubbly drink with two dominant flavors: bourbon and ginger beer. Though you can technically use any type of whiskey to mix this drink, the bourbon version has a sweeter taste profile that many people enjoy.

Some places also use ginger ale instead of beer. This version of the Kentucky Mule is sweeter and lacks the signature spice of ginger beer. We generally prefer to avoid ginger ale for this particular recipe, but feel free to give it a shot if you prefer it.


  • 2 ounces of bourbon whiskey
  • 1/2 ounces of fresh-squeezed lime juice
  • 4 ounces of ginger beer
  • A lime wedge or mint spring for garnish

Mixing Instructions

  • Add the bourbon and lime juice to a copper mug with ice.
  • Fill the mug with the ginger drink and stir gently to combine.
  • Garnish with a lime wedge or fresh mint.

Nutrition, Calories, and Alcohol Content

The Best Kentucky Mule Serving Tips

To make Kentucky Mule

These tips can help you serve the best bourbon mule:

  • Serve in a copper mug: Though you can serve this classic cocktail in other types of glasses, too, copper mugs make the drink feel even colder, which adds to the experience.
  • Use freshly squeezed lime juice: Bottled juice can be a convenient way to make cocktails, but it can also lead to a sweeter version of this drink. The goal is to taste the signature spicy kick of the ginger beer at first, then let your senses be wrapped up by the sweet bourbon notes. The lime should be subtly felt throughout.
  • Choose quality ginger beers: The proportions of this drink make ginger the dominant ingredient, which means it’s best to use a brand you already like. The bourbon is strong enough to seep through, but it’ll take a backseat.
  • Mix as you go: The Kentucky Bourbon Mule needs that signature bubbly feeling. If you’re throwing a party, that means you should take the time to mix your guests’ individual drinks to serve this cocktail just right. If you make a large pitcher, the ginger beer can fizz out.
  • Serve with greasy and fried foods: The Kentucky Mule is a great drink for enjoying some diet-breaking meals like fish and chips, burgers, or quesadillas. The ginger helps absorb fat and makes the meal go down much smoother.

Kentucky Mule Variations and Ingredient Replacements

After you try this classic bourbon-ginger beer combo, check out these other delicious cocktail recipes:

  • Moscow Mule: Of course, you first need to taste the original Mule if you haven’t already. The recipe is the same; just use vodka instead of whiskey.
  • Mint Julep: One of the most popular bourbon drinks, mint juleps use whiskey, simple syrup, and muddled mint leaves.
  • Splash other fruit juices: Add some other fruits, like pineapple, next to the fresh lime juice to add subtle new flavors to your cocktails.

Final Thoughts

The Kentucky Mule is the perfect drink to sip on a hot day or at a house party. As long as you have all your ingredients ready, you’ll only need a few minutes to mix a delicious and balanced cocktail.

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