Sea Breeze Cocktail Recipe

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The Sea Breeze is a delicious, light, and simple vodka cocktail that can refresh you on a hot summer day. Learn the top tips and tricks on how much to mix and even how to change the recipe to get even more great flavors!

Sea Breeze Cocktail Recipe

Sea Breeze Cocktail Recipe Overview

Sea Breeze

The Sea Breeze only needs three ingredients:

  • 1 1/2 ounces of vodka
  • 1 1/2 ounces of grapefruit juice
  • 3 ounces of cranberry juice
  • Optional: lime wedge to garnish

Pour all your ingredients into a highball glass with ice cubes, and stir to start enjoying this refreshing cocktail.

Sea Breeze Cocktail Nutrition Facts

A glass of this refreshing drink only has around 173 calories. Here’s the full breakdown:

  • 17g carbs
  • 0.2g fat
  • 2mg sodium
  • 10% ABV

It’s one of those light cocktails you can enjoy during the summer. Opting for unsweetened fruit juices also cuts down on the number of carbs in a Sea Breeze cocktail.

How to Serve a Sea Breeze

Serve a Sea Breeze

Here are some tips to help you serve a Sea Breeze:

  • Place: This drink works best in the summer when you’re having a barbecue or lounging next to a pool. It’s like a boozy fruit punch, especially if you add more fruits to the mix.
  • Vodka: The original recipe calls for plain vodka, but you can spice things up with a flavored bottle too. Go for citrus vodka brands to add more fruity dimensions to your cocktails.
  • Serving: Mix the drink in a cocktail shaker and pour it into a glass with ice cubes, or make it in a large bowl and have party guests help themselves.
  • Food: Pair the Sea Breeze with a heavy dessert or next to a fresh fruit platter to balance the sweetness.

Sea Breeze Recipe Variations

The Sea Breeze is a versatile cocktail that can lead you to other equally delicious cocktails.

Here’s how you can play with the ingredients to get new flavors:

Ingredient Swaps

  • Frozen fruit: Skip the lime slice or wedge and ice cubes and add frozen cranberry, cherries, or other fruits.
  • Club soda: Skip one of the fruit juices and add some club soda to your glass to get a bubbly combo.
  • Sugar: Add simple syrup or sweet juice to make the Sweet Breeze less sour.

Sea Breeze Alternatives

  • Hawaiian Sea Breeze: This drink uses pineapple juice instead of grapefruit. The result is more tropical and a lot less tart and bitter. It’s also known as a Bay breeze.
  • Sea Breeze Cooler: Use equal parts gin, apricot brandy, two dashes of grenadine, and top with a lime wedge.
  • Virgin Sea Breeze: Skip the vodka entirely and make a non-alcoholic cocktail that everyone at the party will enjoy.
  • Salty Dog: Skip the cranberry and use a glass with a salted rim to get a rich flavor profile.
  • Vodka cranberry: Create a simple vodka cranberry cocktail from just two ingredients.

Final Thoughts

The Sea Breeze may not be the most popular drink, but it’s one that shouldn’t be missing from a pool party or a hot summer’s day.

Give it a shot tonight, and try out the many variations as well!

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