10 Peach Vodka Cocktails

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A few things hit the spot on a hot summer night as well as the cold flavor of fruity sweetness. Fresh peaches are particularly famous saviors during the summer heat. And when you combine them with vodka, you can make endless cocktail recipes to liven up your occasion.

10 Peach Vodka Cocktails

In this post, we’ll look at the ten best peach vodka cocktails, from those that use peach slices to fresh peach puree, peach nectar, or flavored vodkas. Stick around till the end, and you’ll be surprised by how many ways you can turn these ingredients into a sophisticated drink!

Peach Vodka Cocktails

  • Classic Peach Vodka Cocktail
  • Kentucky Peach Vodka Cocktail
  • Black Cherry Peach Smash
  • Texas Peach Sangria
  • Raspberry Peach Moscato Punch
  • Pink Panties Frozen Cocktail
  • Peach Cobbler Martini
  • Peach Screwdriver
  • Texas Peach Martini
  • Peach Vodka Paloma

1. Classic Peach Vodka Cocktail

Classic Peach Vodka Cocktail

We’ll start with a basic yet powerful sparkling peach vodka cocktail that combines the two flavors without needing anything too fancy.

All you need to make this summer drink are peach-flavored vodka, fresh peach slices, lime juice, and lemon soda.

First, add ice and fruity slices to your cocktail glass, but set one slice aside for garnish. Next, pour the peach vodka and lime juice and stir them together, then add lemon-lime soda to top it off. You can use the peach slice you put aside to garnish the glass rim for a more elegant-looking drink.

Once you’re done indulging in this beauty, enjoy the taste of peaches after they’ve absorbed the strong cocktail flavor!

2. Kentucky Peach Vodka Cocktail

Kentucky Peach Vodka Cocktail

Let’s pump up the difficulty a bit to a more varied peach vodka drink that makes use of other fruits and liquors to produce a strong and complex but imminently refreshing taste.

In addition to the peach vodka and slices, you’ll need lemonade, simple syrup, and bourbon whiskey, which gives it the smoky yet strong punch we’re looking for. You can also set aside a lemon slice for garnish to showcase the dual flavor of peach and lemon.

You’ll need soft and fresh peach slices for this recipe. If they’re not soft enough, put them in your cocktail shaker with ice cubes and give them a strong shake to loosen their fibers. Then add your peach vodka, lemonade, simple syrup, and bourbon, and shake everything well.

If you’re not a fan of drinks with fruit pulps, strain your mix into a rocks glass filled with ice. Garnish with peach and lemon slices, and enjoy.

3. Black Cherry Peach Smash

Black Cherry Peach Smash

The cherry peach smash is a delicious cocktail that combines two seemingly unrelated fruits to produce a subtly sweet flavor with a hint of sourness from the cherries. It’s a match made in heaven for those who aren’t too keen on super sweet drinks.

And it’s incredibly simple, too! You only need three ingredients: fresh peaches, peach vodka, and black cherry juice. We like to present this drink in a mason jar, but a tall cocktail glass gets the job done as well.

For each glass, peel a peach slice, add it to your glass with a shot of vodka, then beat it with a muddler as it marinates in the liquor.

Once it’s done, fill the glass with ice, top it off with your black cherry juice, then garnish with the rest of your slices.

4. Texas Peach Sangria

Texas Peach Sangria

This sangria cocktail is perfect for a punch, as it’s nearly certain to attract all the positive attention of your guests.

To make enough punch for about six people, you’ll need an entire 750 ml bottle of Chardonnay white wine, a cup of peach vodka, a cup of ginger ale, peach nectar, and frozen peaches. For extra flavors, you can add a bit of peach schnapps, fresh mint leaves, or raspberries.

To prepare, simply pour the ingredients into your pitcher and stir well. Don’t forget to refrigerate before serving!

5. Raspberry Peach Moscato Punch

Raspberry Peach Moscato Punch

Here’s another punch that can accommodate around six people to spice up your next gathering or party. Similar to the previous recipe, it introduces a second alcohol, this time the Moscato wine, as the main base of the pitcher. And the flavor combines spectacularly with the sweetness of peaches and raspberries.

Place five cold sliced peaches with two cups of raspberries in your pitcher and top them off with a Moscato wine bottle, a cup of peach vodka, two cups of lemon-lime soda, 12 ounces of peach nectar, and ice. Then stir everything together and give them a few minutes to soak up the flavors.

6. Pink Panties Frozen Cocktail

Pink Panties Frozen Cocktail

We know the name can raise some eyebrows, but the pink panties frozen cocktail is truly a refreshing and very sweet ice-cold milkshake. It combines various ingredients into one of the most luscious and showy peach vodka drinks imaginable.

To make it, you need peach vodka, Malibu rum, and frozen pink lemonade concentrate as a base. Then, combine them with vanilla ice cream, frozen strawberries, and ice; all topped off with a squish of whipped cream for garnish.

7. Peach Cobbler Martini

Peach Cobbler Martini

Although not the coldest or most refreshing drink to serve at summer parties, the peach cobbler martini is possibly the sweetest dessert-drink combo you can make using peach vodka. It pleasantly resembles the hearty taste of southern cobbler pies!

To make this simple and elegant drink, add peach vodka, whipped vodka, and hazelnut liqueur into a cocktail shaker and shake them well. If you prefer a less sweet version, you can add lemon juice, unsweetened cranberry juice, or soda water.

Before pouring, wet the rim of a chilled martini glass with a lime wedge and dip it in any combination you like of brown sugar, cinnamon, and crushed graham crackers. Then strain your liquid in and satisfy your sweet tooth.

8. Peach Screwdriver

Peach Screwdriver

Screwdrivers don’t always have to use orange juice! At least this one doesn’t. Instead, it relies on the less sour flavor of peach vodka and nectar to create an incredibly easy cocktail that you can make with only those two ingredients. Try not to forget the crushed ice, though!

You can also add orange juice and slices if you want an extra dash of citrus.

9. Texas Peach Martini

Texas Peach Martini

Call it a brunch drink, hangover cure, or anything you like, but the spicy Texas peach martini must be one of the boldest cocktails we’ve seen. And we’ve seen our fair share.

At first glance, it seems interesting to combine the sweetness of peach vodka and simple syrup with the tanginess of lime and pineapple juice. But once you realize we’re fusing them with jalapeño slices, you might start to pull away.

However, it’s definitely worth a try if you like bold cocktails.

10. Peach Vodka Paloma

Peach Vodka Paloma

Peach vodka Paloma is a great choice for those who enjoy the taste of traditional Mexican Palomas and want something similar but sweeter.

Before pouring the ingredients, you need to spice up the rim. Dip the rim into a bowl of water, then into tajin seasoning and, optionally, salt.

Finally, add equal parts of peach vodka and grapefruit juice with a teaspoon of simple syrup and a squeeze of lime and oranges. Top off with your favorite type of soda water and serve.


Summer is a beautiful season to experiment with all different kinds of fruits and liquor. These peach vodka cocktail recipes are a must-try if you want to spice up the day with your friends or family. And if you’re a lone drinker, it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying such a refreshing summer cocktail!

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