Blue Lagoon Cocktail Recipe

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Blue Lagoon Cocktail Recipe

The Blue Lagoon isn’t as popular as other types of vodka cocktails, so you might not always find it on a menu. But it’s a simple recipe you can make at home in just a few minutes.

Check out how to mix Blue Lagoon the right way.

Cocktail Overview

Blue Lagoon Cocktail

The Blue Lagoon drink has a signature blue color thanks to the blue curacao made from the dried peel of Laraha citrus fruit. This ingredient also gives it a distinct Caribbean flavor, so it’s best not to switch it for other types of orange liqueur.

Here’s the classic Blue Lagoon cocktail recipe:


  • 1 ounce of vodka
  • 1 ounce of blue curacao
  • 4 ounces of lemonade
  • Maraschino cherry and lemon wheel to garnish

Mixing Instructions

  • Take a hurricane glass and add crushed ice. Set aside to chill.
  • Add the vodka, lemonade, and blue curacao to a cocktail shaker with ice.
  • Shake until chilled.
  • Strain into your prepared glass, and garnish with a lemon wheel and maraschino cherry.

Nutrition Facts and Alcohol Content

The Blue Lagoon is a light and refreshing cocktail, making it the perfect choice for the summer.

Here are the main nutrition facts for one glass:

  • 91 calories
  • 13g carbs
  • 28mg sodium
  • Around 20% ABV

Blue Lagoon Cocktail Serving Tips

Making Blue Lagoon Cocktail

The Blue Lagoon will turn out even better if you follow these tips:

  • Use fresh lemonade: Don’t reach for the lemonade bottle at the store! Instead, use fresh lemon juice and simple syrup to make it yourself. This way, you control how much sugar the cocktail has and will end up with a refreshing summer cocktail every time.
  • Use flavored crushed ice: Use fruit juice, freeze it, then crush it to give the Blue Lagoon cocktail extra flavors without overpowering the distinct tropical profile;
  • Pair with light foods: The Blue Lagoon cocktail pairs well with fruit salads and other light foods you’d typically opt for on a hot day. Serve it next to light appetizers like bruschetta or even a cheese platter.
  • Choose the right glass: This drink is served on the rocks and sipped, so it’s crucial to choose a bigger glass. The go-to option is hurricane glass, but you can also serve it in a highball glass.
  • Make a Lagoon punch: This cocktail is a great choice at a pool party or friends’ gathering. Mix it in a larger pitcher, and let your guests pour it over ice whenever they need something refreshing.

Blue Lagoon Recipe Variations

The Blue Lagoon cocktail is a straightforward drink, but you can make some changes to the recipe to get other flavors:

  • Blue Hawaii: Add vodka, rum, pineapple juice, blue curacao, and fresh lemon juice to get a stronger tropical flavor.
  • Frozen Blue Lagoon Cocktail: The frozen version requires a blender to mix all the ingredients. It leads to a slushy-like consistency.
  • Virgin Lagoon: Skip the vodka and blue curacao, and use homemade lemonade with curacao syrup. You’ll still get the signature blue color and none of the booziness.
  • Change the garnish: Instead of a lemon wheel or a maraschino cherry, you can also add orange slices, pineapple, and other fruits as garnish.

Wrapping Up

The Blue Lagoon cocktail is a fantastic treat on a hot day, no matter if you’re making the classic or the blended version.

If you like blue curacao and vodka-based cocktails, then this one will surely become your go-to party drink.

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